October 2018

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Rejuvent Newsletter – October 2018

October Specials

Fall In Love with Your Skin Again… and Get Free Gifts!

Summer is officially over and it’s now time to enjoy cooler weather, new flavors and the beginning of a busy holiday season!

At Rejuvent, we are focusing on accommodating our patients so they can prepare their skin for a colder climate and boost their skin rejuvenation with spa treatments and amazing skin care.

October is going to be great at Rejuvent… Join us and enjoy new products, take advantage of fantastic skin treatments for every skin concern, save on a best-selling moisturizing mask and choose one of 8 amazing gifts with purchase specials!

Save the Date:

Jan Marini Open House

October 17 to 19
– Details Below –

New Products at Rejuvent

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Gift #1

Buy a ZO Skin Health Oraser Cellulite Control, Get a FREE travel size Oraser Cellulite Control and a cosmetic bag!

Price: $95
Gift Value: $50 (1 fl oz)

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces the look of cellulite
  • Improves the appearance of skin texture and of cellulite
  • Minimizes new “nightly” fat deposits from accumulating
  • Restores skin’s hydration

Offer Details:  While supplies last. No cash value and no substitutions.

Available in-office only, Call 480-889-8880 to order! Read More

free ZO oraser cellulite

Gift #2

Buy a Jan Marini CelluliTx, get a FREE full size Bio-Glycolic Body Scrub!

Price: $130
Gift Value: $45 (8 fl oz)

Features & Benefits

  • NEW!
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and puffiness
  • Helps diminish cellulite
  • Firms and smooths the skin
  • Helps exfoliate and speed up the skin cycle
  • Suitable for all skin types; especially beneficial for dry and environmentally damaged skin
  • Combines glycolic acid and polished granules to provide an exceptional level of body skin rejuvenation
  • Immediately and dramatically retexturizes, smoothes and softens body skin
  • Formulation includes moisturizing and soothing botanical extracts and a natural fragrance

Offer Details:  While supplies last. No cash value and no substitutions.

Available in-office and online!

Buy Now!

Gift #3

Buy a SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, OR Phloretin CF, OR Phloretin CF Gel, get a FREE travel size Triple Lipid 2:4:2!

Price: $166
Gift Value: $42 (0.5 fl oz) – Hurry, only 12 available!

Features & Benefits

  • Provides advanced environmental protection by neutralizing damaging free radicals
  • Helps reduce the appearance of discoloration to improve overall skin tone
  • Long Lasting: once absorbed, this vitamin C serum provides 72 hours of protection
  • Paraben-free and ideal for normal, oily, combination, and aging skin types
  • An excellent complement to sunscreen for enhanced protection
  • Lightweight formula
  • Provides advanced environmental protection by neutralizing damaging free radicals
  • Improves the appearance of discoloration and overall skin tone
  • Once absorbed, this vitamin C serum remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours
  • Paraben-free, fragrance-free, and dye-free
  • Ideal for normal, oily, and combination skin types
  • Provides advanced environmental protection against damaging free radicals
  • Improves the look of discoloration
  • Firms and tones skin
  • Refines texture for skin smoothness
  • Brightens dark pigmentation
  • Light gel texture
  • Also great for men as a post-shaving treatment (non-irritating)
  • Excellent complement to sunscreen for enhanced protection
  • Restores essential skin lipids: ceramides, natural cholesterol, and fatty acids
  • Improves the texture, pore appearance, and skin fullness
  • Improves the skin evenness and overall radiance
  • Improves laxity and firmness
  • Long Wearing – Provides improved hydration in 24 hours
  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing texture
  • Ideal for dry, normal, oily, combination, mature and sensitive skin types

Offer Details:  While supplies last. No cash value and no substitutions.

Available in-office only, Call 480-889-8880 to order!

Gift #4

Buy any Colorescience product, get a FREE travel size Hydrating Mist!

Price: Varies
Gift Value: $15 (1 fl oz)

Features & Benefits

  • Calms and replenishes normal to dry skin
  • Guards against dehydration
  • Enhances vibrancy and luminosity of your makeup products
  • Locks minerals in place for enhanced wear
  • Pleasant and refreshing natural botanical fragrance
  • Convenient pre-attached nozzle delivers fine mist

Offer Details:  Limited quantity available. While supplies last. No cash value and no substitutions.

Available in-office and online!

Shop Colorescience Now!

Gift #5

Buy ZO Skin Health Melamix and any other ZO Skin Health Product, get a FREE travel size ZO Wrinkle and Texture Repair!

Price: $64
Gift Value: $90 (1 fl oz)

Features & Benefits

  • Optimizes the delivery of active ingredients to the skin
  • Helps even skin tone
  • Helps reduce irritation associated with hydroquinone
  • Hydrates newly exposed skin
  • Provides gradual lightening of hyperpigmentation skin
  • Helps reduce lines and wrinkles in the skin
  • Supports a more even skin tone
  • Provides antioxidant and anti-irritant properties
  • Helps skin renew itself

Offer Details:  While supplies last. No cash value and no substitutions.

Available in-office only, Call 480-889-8880 to order! Read More

Open House

Free Jan Marini Gifts October

Open House Pre-Pay Gift with Purchase (Gifts #6 & 7)

Pre-Pay for a Jan Marini Skin Care Management System by October 10th and get a FREE Luminate Mask AND a FREE C-ESTA Cleansing Gel!

System Open House Price:  $288 (Save $72, regular price $360)

FREE Luminate Mask Value:  $85 (1 oz)
FREE C-ESTA Cleansing Gel Value:  $35 (8 fl oz)
Total Gift Value:  $120

Offer Details:  Must pre-pay for system by October 10th. While supplies last. Limited quantity available!
Kits available for pickup or delivery on October 17th.

Pre-Order Normal System Now!

Pre-order DRY System now!

Jan Marini Open House Details

October 17th to 19th

  • Save 20% on all Jan Marini products
  • Pre-Pay for Kits and get 2 Free Gifts! (Must pre-order October 1st to 10th – see above)
  • Free Samples

Offer Details: Offer valid while supplies last. Limited supply available.

Jan Marini Open House October

Amazing Savings!

Moisture mask 30% off sale

Save 30% on SwissClinical Moisturizing Mask

Price: $96.60
Was $138, $41.40 savings!

Moisturize your skin with the best-selling SwissClinical Moisturizing Mask!

  • Multifunctional active ingredient
  • Protects the skin against transepidermal water loss
  • Activates the natural protective mechanisms of the skin
  • Makes the surface of the skin soft and supple
  • Improves its elasticity and reduces wrinkles

This amazing mask is included in Dr. Bomer’s Masking Routine.

Offer Details:  While supplies last.

Available in-office and online!

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Amazing Hands Special

Gift # 8 – Buy 2 Restylane Lyft for the Hands – Get an Amazing Gift!

FREE Revision Skincare Lumiquin and FREE Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish!

Price: $1,400   –   FREE Gifts valued at $74.00

  • Restylane Lyft is FDA approved to restore volume to the hands.
  • Revision Skincare Lumiquin is a rejuvenating nighttime hand cream that moisturizes, brightens and plumps the skin on your hands (1.7 oz)
  • Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Color Nail Polish in Hand Clap Shimmer (a healthier alternative to gel polish 0.5 fl oz)

Offer Details: Offer valid while supplies last. Limited supply available.

Beautiful Hands Promo

Rejuvent Learning Center

Woman holding orange

Cellulite results when fat deposits and body fluids accumulate under the skin and give your skin a dimpled and uneven appearance.

Most common areas for Cellulite are:

  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thigs
  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Breasts

What Causes Cellulite?

We know how it’s formed but the exact cause of cellulite is not known.

We do know that many factors such as genetics, diet, lack of physical exercise, hormonal changes, dehydration, thickness of the skin, weight gain, inflammation, and unhealthy lifestyle contribute to cellulite.

For how it’s formed, let’s look at a diagram… As you can see in the image below we have fibrous cords (connective tissue) that tether the skin to the underlying layer. As bodily fluids and fat cells accumulate (or change shape) they push up against the skin, while the cords pull down creating an uneven surface and dimpling.

  • Decreased elasticity causes the connective fibers to be stiff and fixed
  • Water retention and inflammation can increase the pressure and push the fat cells up
  • Decreased circulation can lead to engorged fat cells
  • Fat deposits and fluids push up to the surface of the skin causing the bulges, while the connective fibers are fixed and inflexible causing the dimples

Skin diagram with and without cellulite

It is important to realize that Cellulite is not excess fat. People can diet and exercise and still have cellulite.

Different grades of Cellulite:
Orange peel, cottage cheese, mattress texture, these are all words we use to describe what we see, but there are actually different grades of cellulite.
Grade 1 – Mild. The skin looks smooth while you’re standing but bumps and dimples appear while you are sitting.
Grade 2 – Moderate. Bumps and dimples appear while you are sitting or standing.
Grade 2 – Severe. Bumps and dimples appear while you are sitting or standing and some areas are deeply raised or depressed.

Interesting Facts About Cellulite:

  • Women get more cellulite than men. 90% of women at some point will develop cellulite. 10% of man have cellulite. Researchers think that men have a different structure underneath their skin which allows less cellulite to occur. In women the connective tissue forms in vertical columns, while in men it forms in a criss-cross pattern.
  • Cellulite can occur for people of any shape. Very thin people can have cellulite too. Being overweight makes cellulite more noticeable because the more fat you have underneath the skin the more likely it can bulge out of the skin in its weaker spots.
  • Cellulite can occur in people of all ages. Yes, even babies can have cellulite.
  • Cellulite can get worse with age. As we age we produce less estrogen and that causes a cascading effect. Less estrogen can mean poorer circulation, and can also mean a decrease in production and the breakdown of older connective tissue and a decrease in collagen production.
  • Cellulite may be in your genes. It might be programmed in your genes and inevitable. Usually, a family history gives a good idea if you will develop cellulite.
  • It shows up more on lighter skin, so sometimes a good self-tanner can help the appearance of cellulite.
  • Exercise may improve the appearance of cellulite. It can’t cure it but may reduce it or minimize it. Firming and toning the muscles in the area of the cellulite will tighten the skin, and give the illusion that the cellulite is less noticeable.
  • Certain foods can help improve cellulite. They can’t cure it but can improve it. Drink plenty of water and eat a diet rich in foods with high water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers, and many other fruits and vegetables. Eating too much salt, fat and carbohydrates, and not enough fiber can contribute to cellulite.
  • Smoking can affect the appearance of cellulite. It slows the production of collagen, reduces blood vessel flow, causes inflammation and accelerates skin aging.

Yes, Cellulite is still a great mystery, it cannot be cured but can be improved and minimized. At Rejuvent, we offer skincare with very promising results. These products can improve the health of your skin and help with the appearance of cellulite.

Before and after cellulite skin care treatment

What Can You Do to Help Improve Your Cellulite?

If you have cellulite we recommend trying different skincare to see if they can improve the appearance of your cellulite. Most creams need to be applied twice a day for several weeks to show improvement and your level of commitment might reflect on your skin improvement.

We have several amazing skin care options to treat Cellulite:

Get your medical grade cellulite skincare now and help improve the appearance of your skin!

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October Sales

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