Before and after lower face rejuvenation with fillers

Patient 1
1 year

Before and after image Upper eyelid surgery and Non-surgical face lift

Patient 2
2 years

Liquid Facelift the Non-surgical face lift

Patient 3
9 years

Facial Makeovers and Long-Term Rejuvenation

Before and after photo of a Liquid Facelift

Beautiful Makeover

The patient had a couple Liquid Facelifts and Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty. Read more about her beautiful makeover.

Upper eyelid surgery and Non-surgical face lift

Two Years Older but Looks Decades Younger

This patient had Liquid Facelifts, Botox treatments, skin treatments, and Upper Blepharoplasty surgery. Read her Long-Term Rejuvenation Results.

Long-term before and after liquid facelift rejuvenation

Long-Term Beautiful Rejuvenation

This patient has been coming to Rejuvent for 9 years. She aging has slowed considerably and her results are amazing. Read more about her Long-Term Beautiful Rejuvenation.

Long-Term Rejuvenation and Beautiful Makeovers

Dr. Kelly Bomer tells all her patients that looking rejuvenated takes commitment and expertise. At Rejuvent, we offer the skills, the expertise, the treatments, the tools, and the commitment to all our patients. Our team works with our patients from day one by creating a pathway to achieve maximum results.

Your Initial Rejuvent Appointment

During the initial appointment, our patient coordinators go over your concerns and goals, they will discuss a variety of non-surgical options and surgical options. They will take clinical photographs that become an important tool for years to come. Before every injection, photos are taken in a variety of poses and facial expressions, at rest and with muscle contractions. These photos are instrumental for the doctors to see your progression over the years and they become a timeline of your aging process.

During this appointment, the patient coordinators will talk with you about your skin regimen, the products and ingredients you are using and they will suggest a skincare management regimen with medical-grade products that prep your skin for the best outcome.

Skincare is a very important factor in rejuvenation. Certain ingredients like Retinol help speed the skin cycle and exfoliate the dead outer layer of the skin (Shop Retinol at Ingredients such as Antioxidants help brighten the skin, improve and minimize sun damage (Shop Antioxidants at Other advanced ingredients help boost collagen production and help revert the skin to a more youthful state.

Knowing which product is the best for your skin is an art form and at Rejuvent our team is trained to recognize the best synergy of ingredients to tackle any skin concern.

After your appointment, the patient coordinators meet with the doctors, discuss your goals and concerns and the doctors (Kelly Bomer, MD or James Bouzoukis, MD) analyze the photos taken and come up with their recommendations. At that time, the patient coordinators relay their recommendations to you.

advanced Skin treatments

At Rejuvent, we can help our patients achieve healthier, younger-looking skin by treating concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, skin aging, skin laxity, dull skin, and sun damage, among others. We offer medical-grade skincare, clinically proven to achieve results and we have a full-service medical spa that treats the skin with IPL, microneedling, PRP treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, medical facials, and dermaplaning.

The Rejuvent Filler Difference

Through diligent research and the gift of an artful eye, Dr. Bomer has masterminded a filler injection technique with proven natural results.
She has trained Dr. Bouzoukis in the same technique and together, they have perfected the craft of the Liquid Facelift for restoring the curves of youth and enhancing attractiveness and beauty.

Unique to Rejuvent, all injection appointments are given the same attention as a surgical procedure. Rejuvent appointments are not just a 10-minute injection and you’re out the door. A new patient visit can easily last between 2-4 hours. Because injectable appointments take longer at Rejuvent (compared to many
other offices), there are only so many appointments available every day.
Our focus is in quality over quantity.

Proven Results

As part of the treatment, we request patients to come in for a post-injection follow-up appointment. This complimentary appointment is very important as a new set of clinical photographs is taken and you can see the actual results from your procedure. Usually, 3 weeks after injection is the best time to see actual results. A lot of offices do not go to the expense of bringing patients back, but at Rejuvent we know that real results are not shown immediately and filler needs a few weeks to settle in. During this appointment, you can also discuss with the patient coordinator details about your skin and the skin regimen you started. At Rejuvent, we have been taking before and after photos since 2004 and our patients are thrilled with their results.

Rejuvent Scottsdale

Call us at 480-889-8880 to schedule your appointment. Rejuvent is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and servers patients from all over the world.

I Look Better and Feel Better

“I started at Rejuvent almost 5 years ago. I had many treatments and procedures with both Dr. Bomer, Dr. Bouzoukis, Linda, and Emily and I can honestly say that I look and feel better now than I did 5 years ago. I receive many compliments on my amazing lips and my overall appearance. No one can tell what I had done because I look natural and look like me, they just think I am not aging. I love it!

– C.H.