July 2020

Summer is Here!

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Dr. Bomer’s Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Shower daily – clean oral cavity, throat, and nasal passages gently in the shower
  • Gargle with water for 20 seconds several times daily
  • Wash hands after contact with potential infectious sources: packages, mail, shopping carts, gas pumps, etc.
  • Take 2 -4 drops of Oregano Oil a day (too much can strain the liver)
  • Supplements: Vitamin D3 2000-5000 units a day, Vitamin C 1000-2000 mg a day, Zinc Picolinate 30 – 60 mg a day
  • Stay Hydrated – hydration improves your body’s ability to defend itself against infection
  • Avoid increasing inflammation in our body as this decreases your immunity – stay away from foods that inflame you. (Sugar, fructose and unhealthy fats)
  • Avoid overexertion
  • Avoid getting too cold or too hot


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