Lip Enhancement, Lip Augmentation & Perioral Rejuvenation

The Rejuvent Lip Enhancement Difference

Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis are highly skilled and artistic lip injectors – in both young and mature patients. Artistry coupled with technical skill is required for the most natural lip rejuvenation with fillers. Their goal is a subtle, youthful enhancement of the lips, as well as the perioral region if needed.

Using Dr. Bomer’s technique, they achieve a natural look for their patients. Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis perform all injections of fillers themselves. They are expert injectors of lip enhancement fillers utilizing Restylane and Juvéderm products.

Who Should Enhance their Lips with Dermal Fillers

At Rejuvent, we have treated patients with many different aesthetic and aging-related lip and perioral (lip area) requests.

In some patients, the loss of volume and shape due to aging deflates the upper and lower lips and is often accompanied by lip lines, the expert placement of lip fillers at Rejuvent can dramatically improve the lips, smooth out the lip lines, and bring great overall rejuvenation to the face.

Some patients with naturally thin lips wish to have larger or more defined lips, expert placement of lip fillers can increase the red lip area as well as the white area often transforming the lip into a more desirable shape.

Some patients have asymmetric lips and require lip filler to provide a balanced symmetry to their faces. No matter what lip feature you are trying to enhance, Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis have the experience, skills, and products to help you achieve your desired lip and lip area transformation.

Lip Fillers in Scottsdale

For any additional questions, or to schedule your consultation for Liquid Facelift in Scottsdale with Dr. Bomer or Dr. Bouzoukis,  call Rejuvent at 480.889.8880.

Rejuvent is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and conveniently located near Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, and other areas of Greater Phoenix.

Dermal Filler on lips

Lip Filler & Perioral Rejuvenation Benefits:

  • Restores Volume
  • Fills Deficits & Hollows
  • Plumps Lips
  • Smooth Out Lip Lines
  • Increase Red and White Lip Areas
  • Define or Enhance Cupids Bowl

Important Expertise in a Lip Filler provider:

  • Facial Anatomy Expert
  • Full Face Rejuvenation Experience
  • Expert Injector
  • Skill and Judgement
  • Experience and Talent

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I no longer have old lady’s lips!

“I started seeing Dr. Bomer a few years ago. I had thin lips, hollowness in my face, and looked a lot older than my years, Dr. Bomer is an artist! She worked on my face and lips and I now look more youthful, more beautiful, and even younger than before. My friends want to know my secret, I considered keeping Dr. Bomer for myself but decided that her beautiful work needs to be shared. Several of my friends come to Rejuvent now and are thrilled with their results too!”
– C.H.

Lip Fillers Before and After Photo Gallery

Photos Tell a Story and Reveal Natural Results

Visit Rejuvent for a consultation and find out how Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis’ experience and skill can help you achieve the natural, younger and fuller lips you always wish you had. These before and after photos are a small sampling of the amazing results Dr. Bomer & Dr. Bouzoukis achieve for their patients in their Scottsdale location.

What is the Secret to beautiful lips?

An Experienced Lip Injector!

But not all lip injectors achieve the same results. Sure there are a lot of options for lip fillers but more important than the choice of a specific filler is the skill and experience of the injector. Many patients don’t realize that lip augmentation or restoration of the lost volume is challenging and requires experience, skill, and thorough knowledge of facial anatomy.

Watch Dr. Bomer’s Anti-Aging Video Series and learn with Dr. Bouzoukis what happens to your lips as you age. See what products you can use at home to reverse and prevent some of these changes. At Rejuvent, Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis’ experience and techniques produce natural-looking results when they address lip volume loss with lip fillers.

What Filler is Used for Lip Injections for Best Lip Enhancement Results?

Multiple products can be injected into the lips and lip area such as Juvéderm, Volbella XC, Restylane Refyne, and Restylane Silk. The choice is made based on patient anatomy and aesthetic desires. For natural, beautiful results, more important than the choice of filler is the skill and experience of the injector.

Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis are expert injectors with many years of experience in lip filler injections and facial anatomy, they can help you achieve natural-looking results, with more voluminous, and youthful lips.

Here are a few examples of before and after lip enhancement and augmentation performed by the doctors at Rejuvent Scottsdale:

Lip Augmentation with Juvederm an Volbella

Lip Augmentation with Juvederm an Volbella

This young patient was unhappy with the proportions,
shape and volume of her lips.
After lip filler at Rejuvent, she looks beautiful!

aging lips rejuvenated dermal filler

Fuller & More Youthful Lips

This patient’s lips lost volume due to aging, lip fillers restored volume and enhanced the shape and texture of her lips.

Natural appearing enhancement lips

Natural Looking Proportions and Volume

This patient wished for more volume and better lip definition.

Lips with Restylane, Juvederm

More Symetric Shape and Volume

After lip fillers, this patient’s lips are better balanced and more youthful.

Areas for Lip filler

Lip Areas & Why They Matter

The areas enhanced by lip filler can vary according to the experience of the injector.
The lip is comprised of areas that have distinct characteristics that need to be maintained or improved with filler, many providers overlook these areas resulting in overfilled or disproportional lips. At Rejuvent, our doctors are experienced and can help you achieve the lips you are looking for.

What Happens to the Lip Shape and Lip Area as You Age?

The muscular structure, skin, and bone area around your lips change as you age. These changes cause the lip volume to shrink, lip definition to change, vertical wrinkles to form and the shape of the lip to be modified.

Lip Volume loss, shape and definition

Aging Lips Lose:

  • Volume
  • Shape
  • Definition
Oral Commissures changes with aging

The Oral Commissures:

  • Thin out
  • Widen
  • Turn Down
Vertical Lip Lines with Aging

The Oral Commissures:

  • Thin out
  • Widen
  • Turn Down

Did you know?

  • Collagen and elastin degradation causes loss of elasticity which limits how much filler can be injected.
  • Sun exposure and smoking accelerate collagen loss.
  • Drinking from straws can accelerate lip aging and create vertical lip lines.
  • Medical grade skincare can help your skin produce more collagen and elastin and prep your skin for lip enhancement and lip augmentation with fillers.

Husband Calls them Very Kissable Lips!

“My lips were thin and flat and I had no idea they could be full of volume. I had two filler sessions with Dr. Bouzoukis and the difference on my lips is unbelievable. I now have red area lip volume, a beautiful shape, and as my husband calls it, very kissable lips. Thank you Dr. Bouzoukis for your expertise.”
– J.B.

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Rejuvent’s Doctors

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Dr Kelly Bomer

Kelly Bomer MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon

I would love to help you achieve your rejuvenation goals.
I have been committed to natural healthy enhancements for the face for over 20 years and look forward to meeting with you.

Dr James Bouzoukis

James Bouzoukis MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon

I understand every facet of facial aging and would like to bring my skills to help you look the best version of yourself. Come to visit us, and leave rejuvenated!