Liquid Face Lift

The Rejuvent Liquid Face Lift

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Conventional surgery such as the classic face lift addresses skin laxity and wrinkles. However, major factors in aging are the generalized volume loss of subcutaneous tissues in the face, as well as bone loss from the skull itself. This combined volume loss contributes to skin laxity, wrinkles and hollowing. In many patients restoring lost volume with filler accomplishes significant rejuvenation without the downtime of surgery. Dr. Bomer has refined the liquid face lift to reverse age related volume loss and tissue drooping with minimal to no downtime, she has trained Dr. Bouzoukis on her technique.

They inject Botox, Dysport and fillers such as Voluma, Restylane, Radiesseand Juvéderm during a liquid face lift. Their attention to detail in facial analysis coupled with their aesthetic eye and technical skill yield optimal results for their patients. As Facial Plastic Surgeons, Drs. Bomer and Bouzoukis have unparalleled knowledge of the anatomy beneath the skin that non-surgeon providers do not have. They also perform all Liquid Face Lifts themselves. Many surgeons focus only on surgery and delegate injections to their staff. Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis are renowned for their skilled and artistic techniques in creating a natural, refreshed look. Their patients come from all over the world to seek their Liquid Facelift natural results.

Patients are accustomed to planning months in advance for surgery – but aren’t used to thinking that far ahead for injectables. As a team, we work to educate patients on reversing aging and maintaining rejuvenation – it’s not a 20 minute injection and you’re out the door. A new patient visit can last 2-4 hours and the Liquid Face Lift appointment for 2-3 hours. Time is spent with photography, analysis and education. The amount of preparation and execution involved in a Liquid Facelift is comparable to a minor surgery.

Visualization, Vectors & Volume:

Visualization – Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis use state-of-the-art computer imaging to analyze each patient’s face and determine the areas that need lifting and volume restoration as the first step. They rejuvenate the patient with computer modeling first, to ensure the best outcome. Photographic analysis with computer modeling is accepted as a standard for certain surgical planning, yet most injectors do not put an emphasis on pre-planning for injections.

Vectors – The fillers used for lifting the face are placed along specific vectors in the face that maximize the lift of tissue. There is also a specific order regarding which areas are filled in sequence to maximize volumizing and lift while maintaining a natural result.

Volume – To provide the best result, an appropriate amount of fillers must be used to restore volume loss. Under filling is a common reason for suboptimal results. Over filling in only one or two areas such as the mouth and lips, also leads to an unbalanced look. Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis often combine several different fillers such as Voluma, Radiesse, Restylane, Belotero and Juvéderm throughout the face to reverse aging while maintaining a natural look. The different fillers vary from each other in density, viscosity and longevity, which makes them optimal for use in specific facial regions. Depending upon the correction required, 4- 9 syringes of filler may be used during a liquid facelift.

Dr. Bomer is a faculty member with Merz and Medicis (prior to its acquisition by Valeant), and instructs other physicians in her advanced injection techniques.


The Artiste Injection System

Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis use the Artiste Injection System to enhance their already superior technique for filler injections perfected at and unique to Rejuvent.  We are the only office in Arizona using this technology!

Traditionally, thumb pressure is used to manually dispense the filler through the syringe, but the Artiste system uses air pressure which allows Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis to hold the syringe like a pen and control the flow of filler. This allows the filler to be injected at a constant rate that cannot be reproduced with traditional methods. A steady flow of filler is beneficial for creating smooth and even contours without lumps. This technique grants greater control, precision and a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with traditional manual injections.

Benefits of using the Artiste Injection System: 

  • Precision and accuracy
  • Greater control for smoother, natural results
  • Less risk of bruising and swelling
  • Consistent results


Watch Dr. Bomer perform a filler injection using the Artiste Injection System.