How Dr. Bomer Approaches Each Liquid Facelift – Natural Filler Results

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Doctor Bomer explains how she approaches each Liquid facelift differently to achieve the most natural filler results for the face and she discusses her methods for success.

Restoring Volume Loss from the Aging Process to Achieve Natural Filler Results.

At Rejuvent, Liquid Facelift preparations start with a detailed analysis of facial features with photography which is standardized to show the face accurately with normal shadows and consistent poses so that they can be used not only to assess volume and shape, but also to create comparison photographs of before to after the procedure to assess the changes to the face after volume augmentation. Photos are taken from every angle, with the patient making expressions and at rest.

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Detailed Clinical Photography to Measure Before and After Results

  • It is important to include dynamic muscular contraction poses in the photos to assess the structure of the face with muscles contracting before and after the procedure as the face must also move normally to achieve a natural result.
  • Each face will go through similar processes of bone and fat loss from aging. Through research in the field of aging and facial anatomy, we now understand how aging affects bone and fat pad loss and distribution in the face.
  • During photographic analysis, the zones of aging are identified and correlated with bone and fat loss.
  • We ask our patients to bring in pictures of themselves in their 20’s and 30’s to compare to current as another tool to assess the bone and fat loss.
  • Skin is also assessed. Aged skin adds to the sagging and wrinkling in the face. The aging skin can be improved to a small degree with hyaluronic fillers, but the most improvement comes from daily medical-grade skincare and monthly skin treatments that boost collagen, elastin and water content in the skin. Rejuvent patients receive a customized skin regimen to help improve their skin.
  • After viewing photographs, a plan for volume is made in accordance with the analysis and a plan is made for augmenting bone and fat and skin that directly correlates to zones of volume loss.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Why Doctor Bomer Prefers Them

  • Hyaluronic fillers are my volumizers of choice. It is important that they are not permanent because our underlying structure continues to shrink with time. When we augment a 45-year-old face, that face will be smaller and have different proportion when it is 65 years old and if the augmentation that looked good at 45 is still present at 65, it will be too big and in the wrong place because the skeleton has become smaller and different in overall shape.
  • Complications of infection, vascular compromise, and incorrect placement can occur with volumizing substances; it is important in my opinion to work with hyaluronic acids because they can be dissolved rapidly with hyaluronidase (Vitrase), an enzyme that dissolves the filler, the most important tool in curing an infection, relieving vascular compromise and correcting the incorrect placement of filler.
  • The hyaluronic fillers have unique properties that must be understood to best imitate bone, fat and naturally plump skin wrinkles and scars.

Products Dr. Bomer uses on a Liquid Facelift

Dr. Bomer uses Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin for wrinkle relaxers. She uses Restylane, Refyne, Defyne, Lyft, Silk, Juvéderm, Voluma XC, Volbella XC, Juvéderm XC, and Juvéderm Ultra Plus. Her technique does not use all wrinkle relaxers and fillers without her assessment of the patient’s face, skin, volume loss, and bone structure. As each product has different characteristics, Dr. Bomer customizes her selection to the patient’s needs.

Liquid Facelift Volume Restoration Occurs in Layers.

  • To maintain a natural look it is important to commit to volumizing as part of the aging process. In the 30’s, sessions for most are every 8 to 12 months, 40’s every 6-8 months, 50’s every 5-6 months and in the 60’s every 3-4 months. There are individual differences with the schedule.
  • Between sessions, the filler previously placed has diminished to some degree and the aging process has continued. It is best to start volumizing when volume loss becomes apparent in the 30’s, but the process can begin at any age. When volumizing starts in later years, a much larger volume is required to imitate the restoration bone and fat loss that has occurred. If the process has started in the 30’s and continued into the 60’s, the volume required to maintain the curves of youth at each session increases with time, but will never require the larger volumes needed in those who start later in life. A youthful skin that has been maintained with daily medical-grade skincare is required to look healthy and youthful and less filler is required to achieve the curves of youth will fillers.

Using Hyaluronic Fillers Off-Label

  • It is important when augmenting the face, that the facial zones connect and the whole facial shape is addressed at each session. For this to occur, the filler must be placed in zones that have not yet been formally FDA approved requiring off-label filling. Safety is of the utmost importance which is why the process of non-surgical facelifts should be in the hands of experts who are well trained and understand the complicated 3-dimensional facial anatomy.

Post Filler Procedure Photography – A Very Important Step for Natural Results!

  • Post-procedure photography to assess the results from augmentation with fillers is very important in the rejuvenation process. We must asses the changes that occurred from the procedures and critically evaluate that the natural curves of youth are attained and the overall shape of the face is more youthful and attractive.
  • It is essential that the injector analyze how aging has affected an individual’s face with standardized photography and assess age-related bone and fat loss, overall shape for attractiveness and the connection between facial zones.

At Rejuvent, we ask our patients to return for a 3 week follow up appointment, that is when we take post filler appointment photos. We see that many providers do not go to the expense of another appointment but photos that are taken immediately after filler injections do not show real results, because of swelling and irritation.

Here are a few examples of Long Term rejuvenation with non-surgical facelifts. To view more visit our Liquid Facelift Gallery.

Liquid Facelift Natural Filler Results

Liquid Facelift the Non-surgical face lift

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Liquid Facelift before and after natural filler results transformation

Dr. Bomer’s Tip for Beautiful and Natural Filler Results – Real Proven Results

It is helpful to have pictures from the late 20’s and early 30’s as a reference to understand each person’s facial shape and anatomical relationships when they actually had the volume of youth.

The plan for filler placement is critical and it is created by a synthesis of information gained from pictures of the face at an earlier age, current pictures which show age-related volume loss and understanding how the visual signs of aging correlate to where there has been bone loss and fat loss, the contributions of aging skin and the way the face looks and feels upon examination. The filler is placed in accordance with the predetermined plan and evolves into natural-looking facial relationships as the injector assesses the changes during the procedure. It is critical the injector understands the physiology of aging, the 3-dimensional anatomy of the face and has the eye of an artist to accurately see the shapes of the face and how they can be restored into the curves of youth with natural-looking volumization. Photography is critical to evaluate the changes that have occurred from aging and the liquid facelift results and is an important part of the visual medical chart for each patient.

At Rejuvent, our patients are used to real proven non-surgical facelift results and they can see the transformation Dr. Bomer’s technique achieves in their before and after photographs. Achieving natural filler results is much more than just training, the injector must be an expert in facial anatomy, an expert in each filler and wrinkle relaxer’s characteristic, have the artistic ability to foresee results, the skill, and the judgment of when and where to inject.

About Dr. Kelly Bomer

Dr. Kelly Bomer is a true pioneer when it comes to natural filler results with Liquid Facelifts. She has been working and developing her unique technique since 2004. Ever since then she has been documenting her patient’s results with clinical before and after filler photographs. Dr. Bomer is a facial and cosmetic surgeon and completed her fellowship at the prestigious University of Chicago and North Shore Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Bomer has trained Dr. Bouzoukis on her Liquid Facelift technique and they are both experts in facial anatomy which translate to beautiful natural results.

Dr. Bomer has been a New Beauty Top Doctor since 2006 and has a contributing member of the New Beauty Editorial Advisory Board since 2006.

You Can Benefit from a Natural Looking Liquid Facelift

The results form a non-surgical Facelift are directly related to the provider and the provider’s experience. Our patients know how skill, experience, and technique can achieve beautifully natural results. Isn’t time you too get natural-looking results? Call Rejuvent in Scottsdale at 480-889-8880 or email us today at