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Are you suffering from acne? You are not alone.
Acne is the #1 skin concern in the US.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that results in whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, and nodules. Without proper treatment, dark spots and permanent scars can appear on the skin after the acne clears. Acne is the most common skin disease, an estimated 60 million Americans suffer from Acne. 

Acne is caused by many factors and many factors can make acne worse. but basically, acne can form when too much oil (sebum) and too many dead skin cells clog your pores trapping bacteria inside, this trapped bacteria can multiply causing swelling and inflammation.

Acne can appear on the face, neck, jawline, neck, chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, and buttocks. Acne condition can be hard to treat and can cause depression, anxiety, and low-self esteem.

If acne is improperly treated it can leave dark spots and scars that are hard or impossible to repair.

Acne Treatments in Scottsdale

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Rejuvent is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and conveniently located near Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Tempe, Mesa, and other areas of Greater Phoenix.

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Acne Treatments at Rejuvent:

  • Minimize inflammation
  • Control oil production
  • Resurface the skin
  • Improve skin texture
  • Fade acne scars
  • Improve discoloration and pigmentation
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Acne scars before and after


Acne Treatment Results

Improved skin texture, faded acne scars, better skin tone and clearer skin

Acne Treatment at Rejuvent

Acne Treatment Results

Improved skin texture, clearer skin, better skin tone, and faded pigmentation.

How can we help Acne at Rejuvent?

At Rejuvent, our patient coordinators and aesthetician have the right tools to help you deal with your acne. Whether your acne is flaring up right now or left your skin with dark spots, and scars we have the aesthetic skin treatments and medical-grade skincare to help you clear your acne and unveil fresh and unblemished skin.

Acne Medical Spa Aesthetic Treatments:

Acne treatments can be effective to heal pimples, stopping new pimples from forming, preventing scarring, and helping minimize acne scars.

Medical Grade Skin Care for Acne:

Did you know that using the wrong skincare or makeup product on your skin can aggravate your acne? At Rejuvent, we can help you formulate a customized skincare plan specific to your acneic skin, no matter if your acne is brought by hormonal changes, environmental factors, or genetics. We can help you clear your acne and fade your acne scars!

Medical Grade Skin care

My acne is now under control

“I came to Rejuvent for lip fillers and ended up clearing my acne! I had many pimples and cysts which were starting to leave ugly scars behind. On my appointment for filler, I learned more about my skin and started on a skincare regimen to improve my acne. My acne is now under control and my skin texture is the best it has been in years! Thank you Rejuvent team for giving me much more than I asked for!

– F.F.

Acne Facts

  • #1 skin condition in the US.
  • It’s a skin disease involving the oil glands at the base of hair follicles.
  • Dirty skin does not cause acne. Trapped dirt and oil in the pores can trigger it.
  • Acne can strike at any age. From teenagers to adults going thru menopause and beyond (adult-onset acne).
  • Overwashing the skin can aggravate the skin and produce more oil.
  • Squeezing pimples can lead to scarring which can be permanent.
  • Makeup does not cause acne but the wrong makeup can make it worse (choose non-comedogenic and mineral oil-free makeup to avoid flare-ups).
  • Stress hormones can cause acne breakouts and flare-ups
  • Certain foods might trigger acne breakouts. This is not true for every acne sufferer, but some people do break out when eating chocolate, fast food, greasy foods, refined grains, sugars, and dairy, among others.
  • Changing your sheets and pillowcases at least weekly can help prevent new acne breakouts.
  • Acne can produce permanent scars (permanent indentations – can be improved targetted skin treatments such as eMatrix).
  • Acne can produce hyperpigmentation (dark pigmentation that fades over time – can be improved with skincare and skin treatments such as FotoFacials IPL).
  • You should still use a moisturizer even when you have acne! The right skin care regimen is a must for acne-free skin!
  • Acne is treatable and curable! Acne is a condition that exists beneath the surface of the skin. It may come and go but if you are acne-prone you should take preventive steps to keep breakouts from occurring.

Acne Myths

  • Dirty skin causes acne.
  • Washing many times a day cures acne. Overwashing can cause more oil production and increase breakouts. The right cleanser can help your acne!
  • Toothpaste can heal a zit. No, toothpaste can cause irritation, overdry the skin and make the problem worse.
  • If you suffer from acne you cant eat chocolate. No, chocolate itself does not cause acne. Sugar and dairy can trigger breakouts, so stick with dark chocolates and get to know your skin’s triggers!
  • Wearing makeup causes acne. (choose non-comedogenic and makeup without mineral oil)
  • Acne will go away after teenage years are gone. No, it can happen at any age!
  • Acne can be cleared overnight. Acne treatments usually take 4 to 8 weeks to work.
  • Blackheads are pores filled with dirt. No, blackheads are open pores filled with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The black coloring is the oxidation from the air and these elements.
  • Tanning helps clear acne. No, tanning does not improve acne and can increase your risk of developing skin cancers.
  • Moisturizers cause acne. No, dehydrated skin produces more pore-clogging oil than hydrated skin so it’s important to use the right moisturizer!
  • Sunscreens cause acne. No, some sunscreens can irritate the skin causing irritation but physical sunscreens might actually help acne!
  • Popping zits and pimples will cause it to go away sooner. No, it can actually cause permanent scarring, dark pigmentation, and serious infections.
  • Over-the-counter lotions can cure acne. No, over-the-counter lotions lack a high concentration of ingredients to reach deep areas of the skin.
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Frequently asked questions related to Acne at Rejuvent

It is a skin condition in which bacteria grows in the skin and causes blemishes and inflammation such as pimples (pustules), blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, cysts, and papules.

Acne can be caused by several factors such as diet, stress, hormones, skincare, and genetics.

  • Genetics / Hereditary factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Menstruation
  • Medications
  • Comedogenic makeup (clogs skin pores)
  • Foods with a high glycemic load such as white grains (bread, rice, pasta) and sweets
  • Pollution and environmental factors
  • High humidity
  • Squeezing or picking at pimples
  • Hard scrubbing of the skin
  • Emotional stress
  • Smoking

Non-inflammatory acne:

  • Whiteheads –  Trapped sebum and bacteria stay below the skin surface
  • Blackheads –  Pore opens to the surface and the sebum (which contains the skin pigment melanin) oxidizes and turns a brown or black color

Inflammatory acne:

  • Papules –  Small, usually pink bumps (visible on the surface of the skin)
  • Pustules (zit, pimples) – Red at their base and have pus at the top (clearly visible on the surface of the skin)
  • Nodules – They are large, solid, painful pimples that are embedded deep in the skin. (clearly visible on the surface of the skin)
  • Cysts – They are painful and filled with pus (clearly visible on the surface of the skin)

Acne appears when a pore in our skin becomes clogged with debris and/or dead cells. When the skin has a lot of sebum, that oil and the dead skin cells can stick together becoming trapped inside the pore. Sometimes a bacteria that live in the skin, p. acnes, also get inside the clogged pore. This trapped bacteria can multiply very quickly and cause the pore to become inflamed (red and swollen). If the inflammation goes deep into the skin, a cyst or nodule can appear.

We evaluate and analyze your skin, prescribe medical-grade skincare to attack the bacteria, and offer skin treatments to minimize inflammation, fade acne scarring, lighten pigmentation and resurface the skin.

Acne and Hormonal Acne Treatments:

Rejuvent offers consultations to help you achieve your healthiest acne-free skin. Please call 480-889-8880 to schedule your consultation.