The Best Masking Routine for Amazing Results

Amazing Mask Routine

Can anyone benefit from adding masks to their skincare routine?
Yes, absolutely! Masks are an important addition to any skin regimen and they can bring a great boost to your skin care program and they pamper like you’re at a spa from the comfort of your own home!

What is one of the most important benefits of a skin care mask?
They tell your skin to wake up and stop being so passive. What does that mean? Our skin gets used to the products we use and it gets perked up when we apply a mask. There are several types of masks, some exfoliate and help remove debris and dead cells, some will infuse the skin with moisture and hydration, some masks will add retinol to your skin, some prep your skin for other products to better absorb and some brighten and clarify.

What is the biggest difference between masks and lotions?
Masks penetrate deeply into the skin to provide greater results than most topical skin care products.

What benefits should I expect from masks?
They have many different functions, such as exfoliating the skin, drawing out impurities, absorbing excess oil, moisturizing, calming, stimulating, tightening, brightening, firming or nourishing the skin.

Can I apply different masks on the same day?
Yes, and we do recommend that. For example, the Jan Marini Skin Zyme mask exfoliates and digests dead skin, so it greatly cleans and preps the skin for the application of any other mask.

How should you apply the masks?
Gently massage the masks in your skin.

How long should you leave the masks on for?
It depends on how much time you have. Dr. Bomer leaves each mask on from 20 minutes to one hour.

Do I need to wash my face with a cleanser after masking?
No, just rinse the mask off with water.

At Rejuvent Dr. Bomer has hand-picked the masks we sell according to how they well they perform and the concerns they address.
Watch a video of Dr. Bomer introducing her Masking Routine; she will explain why she uses these masks and which order they should be used, then follow up with the video where she demonstrates step-by-step how to use the products in her Masking Routine.

Mask Routine For Success – An introduction video with Dr. Bomer

The Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask is a great addition to your routine as it truly exfoliates and digests dead cells and debris so your skin can regenerate faster. This mask targets only dead cells and will unveil fresh skin. It also preps the skin for better absorption of other products. It is perfect for post-treatment and to digest peeling skin from Retinol or Retin-A use.

The Jan Marini Retinol Plus Mask is a retinol infused mask that speeds up cell turnover, addresses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as hyperpigmentation, acne and sun damage. Contains Salicylic Acid to help melt sebum. Even though this mask contains Retinol, it does not irritate the skin. It brightens and smooths the skin while clearing blocked pores.

The Jan Marini Luminate Face Mask visibly improves skin tone, texture, and luminosity from the first time you use it. Multiple ingredients resurface the skin, exfoliate and brighten as well as reduce redness and provide hydration.

The SwissClinical Moisturizing Mask is exceptional at moisturizing your skin, it also targets elasticity and reduces wrinkles and leaves you with a radiant and hydrated complexion! This mask can even be left on overnight for deep penetration and enhanced moisturization.


Step-by-Step Masking Routine with Dr. Bomer

What is the recommended Mask routine?
Dr. Bomer recommends you start by cleansing your face with Revision Skincare Papaya Cleanser, then apply Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask and leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes. After you rinse it from your face, apply the Jan Marini Retinol Plus Mask and leave it on for 30-45 minutes. Or, apply the Jan Marini Luminate Face Mask and leave it on for 45 min to 1 hour. After you rinse it from your face, apply the SwissClinical Moisturizing Mask. Rinse and pat dry, then apply Neocutis Bio-Cream (for Normal to Dry skin) or Neocutis Bio-Gel (Normal to Oily Skin). For best results, you can repeat this routine once a week.

Everyone should introduce masking into their skin care regimen! If you have any questions about incorporating them into your facial care routine, call us at 480.889.8880 and we will be glad to help you!