Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis’ Published Articles and Quotes

Dr. Bomer has been a member of the New Beauty Editorial Advisory Board since 2006. She often contributes to magazines and books. She is part of NewBeauty’s Brain Trust.

How Filling Your Mid-Cheek Area May Hold the Secret to Looking Younger

Dr. Bomers instructs that, for optimal results, it is best to address bony highlights and contours separate from fat pad curves. “Cheeks are unique to varied facial shapes and with proper injection, the filler moves well with animation and provides support to the overlying skin to reduce wrinkles and folding.” Read more about Dr. Bomer’s thoughts on what else she suggests along with cheek filler injections.

Doctors Say the Lipstick Effect Is Real…But It’s Not What You Think

While she hasn’t necessarily seen a significant sway in lips since “they’re always popular at her practice,” Scottsdale, AZ facial plastic surgeon Kelly V. Bomer, MD says her patients are still steadily seeking skin- and full face–rejuvenation procedures, even during this uncertain time.

Would You Gift Plastic Surgery for the Holidays?

Is that a good idea or not? Read Dr. Bomer’s thoughts on Plastic Surgery gifting.

Scottsdale Experience Book

Read about Rejuvent Medical Spa and Surgery on this beautiful coffee table book published by the City of Scottsdale.

What to Do If Injectable Wrinkle Reducers Stop Working for You

See what Dr. Bomer has to say about Botox and aging.
– Read the entire article about Botox Immunity at NewBeauty.

Top Doctors Reveal the Cosmetic Procedures Their Friends and Family Always Ask About

Learn what top procedure Dr. Bomer mentions as the procedure she is asked about the most. Hint – it is a hair growth game-changer!
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Everything to Know About Getting a Rhinoplasty

See Dr. Bouzoukis’ non-surgical Rhinoplasty and read how dermal fillers can sculpt the nose without surgery.
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Why I Got an Eyelift – The Candi Luciano Story

See how Dr. Bomer’s expertise transformed Candi’s eyes and rejuvenated her face.
Read the entire article about Blepharoplasty at NewBeauty

The One Concealer This Facial Plastic Surgeon Recommends for Covering Under-Eye Circles

Learn what concealer Dr. Bomer suggests to camouflage minor imperfections under the eyes, read what are her thoughts on why we get under-eye circles and her favorite injectable filler to improve under-eye hollows and shadowing.
– Read the entire Article About Under-Eye Circles at NewBeauty

Doctors Are Seeing an Influx of Deformities From Bad Microneedling Jobs

See what can happen if a skin treatment is performed by a less-than-skilled provider, and learn what Dr. Bomer has to say about Microneedling RF.
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The Most Popular Beauty Problems Women Want to Fix, According to the Doctors Who Treat Them

See which are the most requested 14 cosmetic treatments.
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Teenage Botox Is on the Rise, but the Reason Isn’t What You Think

Read about “teenage Botox” and see what Dr. Bomer and other doctors have to say about it!
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10 Signs You Just Got Bad Botox

Read what Dr. Bomer considers to be bad Botox and how long it usually takes for Botox to take effect.
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The Surprising Treatment That Could Be Giving You Acne

Oh no, you might be surprised. Read the article and see what to avoid.
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This Is What to Do if Botox Stops Working for You

Read why Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin may only offer minimal help to some people.
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14 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Getting Botox…But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Is it safe? Will Botox in your body forever? Will insurance pay for it? Where should you get it? Will you look frozen? Will it change how you communicate with people? Is it going to hurt? How much should you get? Is there downtime? When will you see results? How long will the results last? What if it does not work? Should you stop your medications before using it? Does it hurt more at a certain time?
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The Biggest Myths About Fillers Set Straight

Learn what these “age erasers” can and can’t do so that you can set realistic expectations.
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Are Fillers in Your 30s the Key to Preventing Aging?

Learn what doctors think about getting fillers in your 30s, can they help prevent aging?
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Ask an Expert: Do Chemical Peels Reduce Wrinkles?

Learn from Dr. Bomer why it is important to prep your skin before Chemical Peels.
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Smooth and Lift Your Lower Face With Injectables

Read Dr. Bomer’s comments on how to achieve great results with injectables in the lower face.
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Get Better Injection Results With Less Bruising

See Dr. Bomer’s suggestions and improve your odds at minimal bruising!
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4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Injections

Yes, you should know these 4 things before getting filler. These 4 tips can make your filler experience much more productive!
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Anti-Aging Creams Get A High Dose Of Retinol

Read Dr. Bomer’s review of Jan Marini’s Age Intervention Retinol Plus.
– Read the entire Article at NewBeauty

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