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Visit Rejuvent for a consultation and find out how we can help you with your acne. The before and after photos below are a small example of the results achieved for our Acne / Hormonal Acne patients at our Scottsdale location. You can view more Acne / Hormonal Acne photos during your appointment.

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All before and after Acne / Hormonal Acne photos on this site are actual Rejuvent Medical Spa & Surgery patients unless otherwise noted. They were taken at our Scottsdale facility. These before and after acne photos are not retouched. Individual results may vary.


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What Patients are Saying About Rejuvent…

Our patients are thrilled with their Acne treatment results!

In my forties, I developed awful hormonal acne. My hormones were uncontrolled and so was my acne. I came to Rejuvent and started on a skincare regimen that helped a lot. Then Emily started me on skin treatments and my acne is gone. Luckily the scars were not many and they have all faded now. Thank you, Emily!

F.F. / Scottsdale

I always suffered from acne. In my teens, I had acne in my cheeks and chin. As I got older the acne moved to my chin and jawline. I have been following the Rejuvent acne skincare regimen and am enjoying how much clearer my skin is. I have had eMatrix treatments and see how much my acne scars have improved. Thank you, Emily, for helping me with my skin!

R.H. / Glendale

My mom brought me to Rejuvent for an extraction facial and they suggested a skincare program to target my acne. I can’t believe how amazing my skin looks and feel now. The acne is gone and even I shaved my beard as there is no need to hide pimples anymore.

J.M. / Phoenix