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Rejuvent Medical Spa and Surgery is an elite rejuvenation clinic, specializing in restoring the curves of youth and enhancing beauty.

We specialize in achieving naturally beautiful results in facial sculpting with dermal fillers, eyelid surgeries, and transformative skin treatments. Our mission is to empower our patients to look and feel youthful and more attractive at every age.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your goals, and come up with a plan of action to achieve your best results!

Dr. Bomer & Dr. Bouzoukis

Dr. Bomer, MD & Dr. Bouzoukis, MD are experts in improving aesthetic features to make people more attractive. They practice what they have discovered to be the perfect union between surgery and volumizing to create a truly rejuvenated appearance.

Through their artistic and visionary guidance, the services offered at Rejuvent restore the curves of youth, correct, prevent, and revert skin flaws and enhance the attractiveness and beauty of patients of all ages.

Why Rejuvent?

  • Recognized experts in full facial rejuvenation with injectables
  • Under eye volume restoration experts
  • Volume preserving upper and lower eyelid surgery experts
  • Experts in creating healthy rejuvenated skin
  • Safe and Effective Treatments – we only offer treatments/procedures the doctors would undergo themselves

Are you ready to look your best at any age?

The aging process starts in your 20s and accelerates with each passing decade…

Dr. Kelly Bomer, MD & Dr. James Bouzoukis, MD

The doctors at Rejuvent know that aging is a given, but looking old is a choice. Their commitment is to the ageless enhancement of both women and men, and they provide a full spectrum of services from non-invasive aesthetic spa services to surgical enhancements that give natural results.

Meet Dr. Bomer, MD Meet Dr. Bouzoukis, MD
Kelly Bomer, MD and James Bouzoukis, MD

Before and After Photos

Eyelid surgery
Eyelid Surgery
Lips with Restylane, Juvederm
Lip Enhancement
Liquid Facelift the Non-surgical face lift
Liquid Facelift
Botox Scottsdale
Under Eye rejuvenation at Rejuvent Scottsdale
Under Eye Rejuvenation
Rejuvent Liquid Facelift
Cheek Enhancement
Liquid Facelift with Voluma, Restylane, Botox
Chin Sculpting
Beautiful results with Non-Surgical nose filler
Nose Sculpting
Hand filler with Radiesse
Hand Filler

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words…

Did you know Rejuvent has one of the largest Before & After Photo Galleries in Arizona?  View more Photographic Results of Naturally Beautiful Transformations.


What Happens to Your Face as You age Dr. Bomer's Video

What Happens to Our Face and Skin as We Age

Secret to Natural Beautiful Botox

The Secret to Natural and Beautiful Lips

How to Get Natural Results with Botox

How to Get Natural Results with Botox

Front of Rejuvent Building

Come Experience the Rejuvent Difference

Our patients are thrilled with the way we do things here at Rejuvent. We have a different approach that produces amazing results, and we cannot wait to tell you all about it!

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Rejuvent is a 100% authorized reseller of every brand we carry. We only sell products that have been thoroughly tested for efficacy and have proven results in both clinical trials and in-house testing. Our staff undergoes rigorous training in all product’s features and benefits.

We have a website strictly devoted to the products we sell – Rejuvent Skincare.

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