The Rejuvent Difference

The Rejuvent Difference

At Rejuvent, we pride ourselves in doing things differently. Every appointment, even a simple follow-up photograph appointment, is held with importance as it is an integral part of your rejuvenation journey. For patients seeking injectables, many are surprised at how uniquely our office operates.

As a team, we work to educate patients on reversing aging and maintaining rejuvenation – it’s not a 20-minute injection and you’re out the door.

Dr. Bomer’s Technique

Dr. Bomer has developed and trained Dr. Bouzoukis on her own injectable technique. This technique is unique and delivers natural looking results. At Rejuvent, you will not be injected by a Nurse or a Medical Assitant! All wrinkle relaxers (neuromodulators) and fillers are injected only by the doctors. Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis are expert injectors and have had extensive training and experience injecting volumizer fillers and neuromodulators such as Botox. Their facial anatomy expertise play an integral part in their work and masterful results.

Rejuvent Liquid Facelift

Pain Management

Some patients may worry about pain or discomfort during the treatments, and are pleasantly surprised to find that their injections were quite comfortable! The topical numbing cream is applied while updating the medical history, and dental blocks and local anesthetic injections are given and take effect prior to the treatments. Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis use the Artiste Injection System for slow and constant flow of filler, this reduces inflammation and pain with less risk of bruising and swelling.

The Artiste Injection System

Another unique Rejuvent Difference is the use of the Artiste Injection System. Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis are able to be artistic and precise with their injections, as the syringe can be held like a pen, and thumb pressure is not required to place the filler as in manual injections. This system ensures that the exact amount is inserted at the desired location, making a difference in the outcome as it allows the doctors to control the flow and delivery of the injectable material. Patients experience faster and more comfortable appointments with less risk of bruising or swelling.

The Rejuvent Liquid Facelift Difference

Liquid Facelifts are scheduled and undergo the same rigorous preparation as a minor surgical procedure in that the doctors spend a considerable amount of time reviewing and planning the procedure. Unlike other offices, the injections are prepared for each individual and the quantity is specifically tailored to that patient. All faces are different and are treated as such. Liquid Facelift appointments with the doctor may last as long as 3 hours.

Liquid Facelift

Neuromodulators at Rejuvent

Many patients and even injectors think there are no significant differences between different neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin).  But each injectable has unique properties that make them better suited for different areas of the face, as well as for different patients.  Dr. Bomer has spent years analyzing the different injectables.  This is accomplished by bringing patients back after injections for photographs which is not commonly done for neuromodulator patients.  One of the significant differences is in spread of effect.  Botox has the least amount of spread from injection site, Dysport has the most and Xeomin is in between.  In addition, the spread of these neuromodulators is further affected by how much sterile saline a bottle is mixed with.  Each bottle of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin contains a specified number of  units in a powder form.  The amount of sterile saline added to it prior to injection determines the concentration.  A more dilute Botox solution will have more spread than a concentrated Botox solution.  Many offices offer only one neuromodulator and only prepare it in one concentration.  At Rejuvent, not only are all 3 neuromodulators used depending upon the patient and the areas treated, but each neuromodulator- Botox, Dysport and Xeomin is mixed into multiple concentrations.  Thus, the most appropriate dose and most controlled spread can be delivered based upon each patients’ individual anatomy and muscle strengths.  A small, strong muscle such as the corrugator (the muscle above the medial brows that causes a furrow) is best treated with a more concentrated neuromodulator solution with minimal spread.  This allows for that muscle to get the appropriate dose, but limits unwanted spread to nearby muscles.  Within the upper forehead, a larger spread is desirable as the frontalis muscle is thin and wide.  For many patients, a dilute Dysport solution provides a natural look to the forehead because of the spread.

A common mistake made by some injectors is to use too diluted a Botox solution in the glabella.  This can allow for spread upward into the forehead muscle which can cause the medial brows to droop.  If the lateral forehead is not appropriately addressed, the result is the “Bad Botox” look, with an overly high arch and overly low medial brow. See below.

Avoid the Bad Botox

In addition to the upper face, Drs. Bomer and Bouzoukis are also experts in neuromodulator injections around the mouth, along the upper lip, in the chin, neck and masseters.  When injected appropriately, neuromodulators can have a profound, rejuvenating and natural result.


Rhinoplasty at Rejuvent

Dr. Bomer is an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, with a critical, artistic eye and attention to detail.  After 6 years of training in head and neck surgery, she completed a fellowship in facial plastic surgery that focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery.  She has been performing rhinoplasties for 15 years.  An important aspect of most rhinoplasty surgeries is setting the nasal tip in the desired location.  Some patients have a nasal tip that sticks out too far from the face (over projected), and some have a nasal tip that is too close to the face (under projected).  In addition, some times the nasal tip needs to be rotated either up or down.  Digital imaging software is used to analyze the nose, and plan the amount of change to rotation and projection of the tip in millimeters prior to surgery, as well as any changes needed for the bridge of the nose such as reducing a hump or narrowing a wide bridge.

To accurately assess the changes in projection and rotation (which are typically 1-4 mm), a device called a projectometer (Anthony Products) is used.  The exact position of the nasal tip is measured in surgery before the operation starts, and it is measured again at the end to confirm the exact degree of planned change has been accomplished.  If necessary, additional small adjustments to the tip position can be made to achieve the planned for result.

Rhinoplasty rotation projection

Your Rejuvent Appointment

Your first step on the Pathway to Beautiful Skin is to meet a Rejuvent Patient Coordinator, where she will discuss your facial concerns and you will learn about Rejuvent and what makes our approach so successful. The Patient Coordinator will take photographs from every angle, she will review your skin care, and provide recommendations, she will also document your visit. This initial complimentary consultation with you may last as long as one hour. The Coordinator will then share your photos and concerns with your Doctor and the Doctor will formulate his/her suggestions. The Patient Coordinator will contact you, share the Doctors’ recommendations and review any pre-procedure requirements. When you return, you will meet the Doctor and the Patient Coordinator.

Before and After Photographs

Patients are accustomed to taking Before & After photographs for surgical procedures, but not for injectables. Rejuvent houses a dedicated photography suite with professional equipment to ensure high-quality photographs in multiple angles to highlight the patient’s results. These photos are also analyzed in detail prior to mapping the injection sites.

Skin Care Program for Maximum Rejuvenation

We believe that healthy, rejuvenated skin is the foundation of youthful skin, so prior to any injection, time is spent with the Patient Coordinator discussing skin care in depth and creating a personalized skin care program. Using proper skin care products in conjunction with your in-office treatments will provide a better skin transformation and longer lasting results from your injections.

Follow-Up Review

After leaving your injection appointment, we’re still not done with you! Three weeks after your appointment, we have all patients return for follow-up photographs. This is the ideal time to assess the results, as any minor swelling or bruising will have healed and filler placement can be evaluated properly. Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis review the follow-up photographs thoroughly and make comparisons to the Before images, as well as their treatment records of the areas injected. This evaluation is important for tracking the results of different volumizing filler placement and techniques to reach your optimum result. This is not practiced in offices with a cookie-cutter approach to injectables. Your transformation will be documented in photographs and you will see your results!

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