Pathway to Looking Your Best at Any Age

What is happening as we age?
Skin deterioration, facial bone, and fat loss lead to sagging and hollowness. The aging process starts in your 20s and accelerates with each passing decade. (click the slide below to see exactly what is happening)

How Can You Look Your Best?

Partner with Rejuvent to achieve your desired results. Rejuvenation is achieved with a daily and long-term commitment to:

  • Daily medical-grade skincare – face & body
  • Regular skin treatments
  • Ongoing, customized Liquid Facelifts (Filler and Botox)
  • Skin tightening, fat reduction, and/or surgery when appropriate

Select your age below and learn how you can begin on the Pathway to Looking Your Best!


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Based in science

What Happens to Your Face and Skin as You Age?

Age related fat pad loss
Age related bone loss as you age
Younger skin vs. Older Skin
Aging related skin changes

Look Your Best... No Matter What Your Age Is

Look your best in your 20s

Prevent & Begin Good Habits

Your 20s is the time to instill good habits and skincare practices.

Look your best in your 20s
Looking your best in your 30s

Maintain & Enhance

Keep your youthful glow with a prescribed maintenance regimen of home care, skin treatments, and in-office procedures.

Look your best in your 30s
Looking yout best 40s

Anti-Aging & Correct

In your 40s you can correct existing skin damage and prevent further damage with surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Look your best in your 40s
Look your best in your 50s

Repair & Restore

In your 50s you can repair existing damage and restore a more youthful appearance with proven natural-producing treatments.

Look your best in your 50s

Why are we the Best Rejuvenation Clinic in Scottsdale?

Our experienced doctors use their skills and expertise to help you tackle the issues you are experiencing at any age and build a foundation to help you minimize new issues! At Rejuvent, all treatments are customized for you and your concerns and this customizable approach delivers safe and natural-looking cosmetic change. Entrust your face to the experts!

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Rejuvent’s Doctors

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Dr Kelly Bomer

Kelly Bomer MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon

I would love to help you achieve your rejuvenation goals.
I have been committed to natural healthy enhancements for the face for over 20 years and look forward to meeting with you.

Dr James Bouzoukis

James Bouzoukis MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon

I understand every facet of facial aging and would like to bring my skills to help you look the best version of yourself. Come visit us, and leave rejuvenated!