Frasier Says… Dance for your health!

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Multiple studies have found dancing to be beneficial, including in the elderly.  One study found men and women with mood disorders had significant reductions in stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression after a 2-week tango program.  Another study found salsa classes improved strength and balance in the elderly.  And 92% percent of study participants completed this 8-week program.  A study of patients with chronic knee and hip pain found they reduced pain medication consumption by 40% after engaging in a 12 week, low impact dance program.  Patients in this study were 80 years old on average!  Patients with heart failure were found to derive the same aerobic benefits from learning to waltz as they would from cycling or walking.  And a long term 21-year study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found adults who danced regularly had a 76% reduced risk of developing dementia.  So dancing is good for the body and mind as we age.

Let’s get moving! Frasier's Paw