Frasier Says: Flex it!

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Stretching Frasier

Good posture requires effort to maintain as we age. With age, the tendency is to start hunching forward in the neck and upper body.

Pilates is an excellent means of getting in touch with your posture, and the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. Pilates also strengthens the core muscles in the abdomen and pelvis which provide the foundation for good posture. Daily stretching is also helpful to open the chest and extend the neck. Flexibility is important when cleaning the base of your tail.Frasier's Paw

Frasier Says: Sleep Away

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Frasier's Paw Adequate sleep is important for the health of your body, mind and skin.

Chronic lack of sleep increases cortisol, which lowers metabolism, promotes glucose conversion to fat and leads to inflammation. Lack of sleep also increases appetite and reduces growth hormone levels, further decreasing muscle mass and increasing weight gain. I strive for 18 hours a day…Frasier's Paw