Rejuvenate Your Eyes With Filler Injections

Are your eyes aging you? Do your eyes make you look tired or unrested?
We can help rejuvenate your eyes by improving or removing the shadowing and hollowness with under-eye fillers!

Rejuvenate the Eye Area and Look Younger and More Rested

Why Enhance Your Under-Eye Area with Fillers?

The eyes hold a prominent focal point on your face. When they look tired, sunken, puffy, or aged the entire face ages. Under-eye rejuvenation with fillers can help correct under-eye hollowness, shadowing, dark circles, mild puffiness, and tear troughs hollows.

Obvious signs of aging are visible when the volume is deficient at the junction between the upper cheek and lower eyelid. Age-related volume loss of both underlying bone and soft tissue leads to a hollow appearance, and can also make fat pads below the eye more prominent. Surgical removal of fat in these cases would worsen the hollowness. Precise and specialized under-eye filler injections replace lost volume without the need for surgery, giving a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis are highly skilled and artistic injectors and can help you rejuvenate your eye area with carefully placed fillers. Using Dr. Bomer’s technique, they achieve a natural and rejuvenated look for their patients.

Who is a Good Candidate for Under Eye Fillers?

Under-eye rejuvenation with fillers is recommended for young and mature patients with shadows, bulges, and hollows under their eyes. The shadows, hollows, and bulges under the eyes can be caused by volume loss, genetic predisposition, environmental and health factors such as excessive sun exposure, or habits such as cigarette smoking which can affect the skin internally and externally.

Under Eye Fillers and Rejuvenation in Scottsdale

For any additional questions, or to schedule your consultation for under-eye rejuvenation in Scottsdale with Dr. Bomer or Dr. Bouzoukis,  call Rejuvent at 480.889.8880.

Rejuvent is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and conveniently located near Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, and other areas of Greater Phoenix.

Under Eye Filler Rejuvenation Patient 1

Under Eye Fillers Benefits:

  • Restores Volume
  • Fills Deficits & Hollows
  • Plumps Delicate Under Eye Area
  • Minimizes Under Eye Puffiness

The delicate area under the eyes is one of the most challenging areas to inject fillers. Only a very experienced physician injector should perform this injection!

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Hollow and Puffy Eyes Are Now Rejuvenated

“My eyes always looked tired but as I aged they looked even more hollow and puffier. I thought I needed the bags under my eyes surgically removed, imagine my surprise when Dr. Bomer told me she could greatly improve them without surgery. After my filler session, the hollowness is gone and my entire face looks a lot younger. Thank you, Dr. Bomer!”
– C.H.

Under Eye Filler Rejuvenation Before and After Photo Gallery

Photos Tell a Story and Reveal Natural Results

Visit Rejuvent for a consultation and find out how Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis’ experience and skill can help you achieve a more youthful under-eye area. These before and after photos are a small sampling of the amazing results Dr. Bomer & Dr. Bouzoukis achieve for their patients in their Scottsdale location.

What Happens Around Your Eyes as You Age

The facial aging process begins with surface and below surface structural changes in multiple layers, including skin, fat, muscle, and bone. This is very evident in the delicate area under your eyes.

Fat pad changes aging around eye area - under eye fillers can help!

Fat Pad Changes:

  • Some areas lose fat. Examples are the forehead and cheeks.
  • Other areas gain fat. Examples are under the eyes and jaw.
  • Some areas have a shift in the fat pad position which leads to contour deficiencies and distortions. Examples are cheeks and under-eye areas. When these areas lose volume it can cause tear trough hollowness and eye bags.

Bone Changes around eye area

Bone Loss:

There is a significant loss of facial bone with age. This bone loss causes the structural support for the skin to change causing significant changes in the draping of the skin. This is very visible under the eye area, this bone loss causes the structure under the skin to lose support and this often translates to eye bags and shadows.

Aging skin around eye area

Skin Changes Include:

  • Skin more likely to wrinkle or sag
  • Reduction in collagen
  • Thinner skin
  • Drier skin
  • Less elastic skin

Not only the structure underneath the skin is changing due to fat pad and bone shrinking but the skin’s own structural support is weaker due to a collagen production decrease. As skin ages, the middle layer of skin (dermis) thins due to collagen loss. This reduces the skin’s ability to retain elasticity (from elastin) and moisture (from hyaluronic acid).

The loss of elastin and hyaluronic acid, causes the skin to become:

  • Dryer
  • Less elastic
  • Less supple
  • Thinner (volume loss)

Strategically placed filler by experienced doctors can dramatically improve the area around your eyes, removing the hollowness and giving back the lost volume and contours around the eye area. In these, before and after images taken at Rejuvent Scottsdale you can see the difference dermal fillers can make in under-eye rejuvenation.

Filler Delivery System

The Artiste Injection System

Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis use the Artiste Injection System to enhance their already superior technique for filler injections perfected at and unique to Rejuvent.  We are the only office in Arizona using this technology!

Traditionally, thumb pressure is used to manually dispense the filler through the syringe, but the Artiste system uses air pressure which allows Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis to hold the syringe like a pen and control the flow of filler. This allows the filler to be injected at a constant rate that cannot be reproduced with traditional methods. A steady flow of filler is beneficial for creating smooth and even contours without lumps. This technique grants greater control, precision, and a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with traditional manual injections.

Benefits of using the Artiste Injection System: 

  • Precision and accuracy
  • Greater control for smoother, natural results
  • Less risk of bruising and swelling
  • Consistent results

Frequently asked questions related to Under Eye Fillers at Rejuvent.

Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis have performed thousands of under-eye rejuvenation with fillers, they are facial plastic surgeons, experts in facial anatomy, and utilize a safe and thorough technique for under-eye rejuvenation. Filler treatment of the under-eye area is THE most difficult of all dermal fillings and requires a significant amount of judgment, expertise, and skill as this is a very delicate area, has the thinnest tissue, with close proximity to the eye, and is populated by many nerves and blood vessels.

Choose your injector very carefully. Do not let anyone other than a highly skilled and experienced doctor perform filler injections under your eyes.

“I see many patients that received under-eye filler treatment in other practices and ended up looking worse than before, without the proper skill, judgment, and technique the complication rate is high and patient satisfaction is low. Some of these patients can be revised and improved with Vitrase, a substance that dissolves certain types of filler.” – Kelly Bomer.

Dr. Bomer routinely sees patients who have been treated elsewhere and are unhappy with their treatments. Please contact us at 480.889.8880 for a consultation and we can tell you if we can revise and improve treatment received someplace else.

Under-eye fillers can help correct under-eye hollowness, shadowing, dark circles, mild puffiness, and tear troughs hollows, and depressions.

In most patients, it is the age-related volume loss (fat and bone) and descent of the cheeks and midface which creates an empty space between the eyes and cheeks (called tear trough hollows or tear trough deformity). The volume loss is usually due to aging but can occur in much younger people who are genetically predisposed. The darkening of the skin occurs because this loss of tissue allows the deeper dark purple muscle layer to show through.

When the area under the eyes and the upper cheek loses volume, it causes a loss of support to the structure directly under the eye, which will then begin to bulge unsupported. These bulging “eye bags” produce a shadowing and darkening effect. Some creams with caffeine reduce eye puffiness but properly placed filler can provide the support to improve or eliminate the eye bags.

Yes and no. Under-eye fillers can be expertly placed to fill depressions in the tear trough area and this will even out mild to medium eye puffiness. Some patients with heavy eye puffiness might require an eyelid Blepharoplasty.

The most common side effects are bruising, swelling, and temporary discomfort at the injection site. At Rejuvent we will administer a local anesthetic for pain management during the procedure and advise you on what steps to take to minimize swelling and bruising.

  • Do NOT take any aspirin, ibuprofen, or similar products (Advil, Motrin, Aleve) for 2 weeks before filler
  • Avoid fish oil, Vitamin E, and ginkgo biloba for 2 weeks before filler
  • Eat spinach, kale, and celery the week before to boost your levels of Vitamin K
  • Apply VitaMedica Arnica + K Cream to areas most affected by bruising (around the mouth and under the eyes) for several days before the injection. This contains Arnica and Vitamin K and is available for purchase at Rejuvent or at

Medical-grade eye creams should be part of your skincare routine! The right formula strengthens and improves the health of the skin, helps increase collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production, and plays an important part in the overall health of the skin around the eyes.

But eye creams do not restore lost volume or help with tear trough hollows and darkening. At Rejuvent, we suggest that all patients prep the skin before getting fillers with medical-grade skincare products. We also offer a skin analysis and recommend a skincare routine to all patients.

Some of the products we recommend for the eye area are:

Call Rejuvent at 480-889-8880 and we can schedule your appointment or if you have any questions about under-eye fillers. Rejuvent is located in Scottsdale Arizona.