Volumizing the Lips – Q & A with Dr. Bomer

Before and after results with lip filler for volume

How does lip flip help lips appear bigger? Who is a good candidate for this?

Neuromodulator is a useful tool to inject into the upper lip to help reduce the muscular contraction of the border resulting in a vertical lift and plumping to the upper lip which increases the amount of red lip show at rest and upon smiling which makes the lip appear bigger.

Most people are good candidates for this procedure aesthetically however, patients that have the upper lip significantly more forward than the bottom lip are not ideal candidates as they will result in an even larger imbalance between the upper and lower lip that is not aesthetically pleasing. A very small dose of non-spreading neuromodulation like Xeomin is the best option for a great result. If the dose is too high the patient will have difficulty holding liquids and food and will also have difficulty speaking.

Here is a great example of a Lip Flip with Xeomin injection for Lip Volume performed at Rejuvent:

Patient xeomin lip flip volume before and after
This patient did not want filler injections but wanted more lip volume. Instead of filler, she opted for Xeomin, which helped flip her lip giving the appearance of a fuller red area.

How does lip filler help lips appear bigger? Who is a good candidate for this?

Filler helps lips to appear bigger by adding volume to the red lip. Volume most time is added with Hyaluronic Acid-based fillers like Restylane and Juvenderm fillers.

Most people are good candidates for lip filler, however thin lips are only going to accommodate small amounts of filler naturally. The size of thin lips will only be increased by a small amount with filler which is the best option because if too much filler is placed the patient will look noticeably abnormal with awkwardly forward protruding lips. Lips have distinct anatomical subunits, the proportions of which must be maintained when placing the filler otherwise the lips will appear artificial. For thin lips, we recommend at least two sessions for best results.

Here is a great example of a thin lip transformation with 2 sessions of filler injections performed at Rejuvent:

Before and after profile view of lip fillers
This patient had two sessions of filler injections and her lip volume looks natural and ideal for her face.

What can help the lip area and maintain the lip treatment?

I have been using Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer multiple times daily for 17 years and this product has dramatically helped maintain the plumpness and health of my lips, and it has prolonged the results of the small amounts of filler I’ve had injected in my lips through the years. – Dr. Kelly Bomer

Before and after results of Lip Enhancer for lip volume
These patients’ before and after images show how much more volumized the lips can look with Clinician’s Complex Lip Enhancer.

Rejuvent Medical Spa in Scottsdale is the #1 place in Arizona for Lip Enhancement and lip volume. Our patients enjoy natural results that are both long-lasting and complementary to their facial features. Both Dr. Kelly Bomer and Dr. James Bouzoukis are ExpertInjectors™.