Top 5 Reasons ThermiVa is Amazing for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Top 5 ThermiVa Benefits

1- It rejuvenates the vulva and the vagina – the inside and outside (other treatments address the inside or outside).

2- It helps make your vagina look and feel more youthful.

3- It helps your vagina be more sensitive to stimuli. (Yes, it may even improve orgasms)

4- ThermiVa helps urinary urgency and leakage, giving you more comfort and confidence.

5- There is no downtime with ThermiVa. You can resume sexual activity immediately!
(Other treatments require some time to recover!)


Ok, let’s talk about those top 5 reasons why ThermiVa is Amazing for Vaginal Rejuvenation…

Number 1 – Treats the Inside and Out. Unlike other non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments, ThermiVa treats the internal vaginal canal and the vulva (which includes the labia majora, labia minora and clitoris), it is the only non-surgical solution for both areas.
Other treatments researched: MonaLisa Touch, Femilift, and FemTouch, these treatments use an ablative CO2 laser to heat the tissue. They treat only the inside of the vagina.

Number 2 – More Youthful Look and Feel. ThermiVa helps tighten the inside of the vagina by promoting collagen growth, increased blood flow and improved nerve supply. It uses controlled thermal energy to heat the outer area (vulva), clitoral area and the vaginal canal. Most patients report that after ThermiVa the outside of their vagina looked more youthful and that the inside felt tighter.

Number 3 – More Sensitivity Equals More Pleasure. Most patients reported that they felt that their vagina was more sensitive and that they had an increase in sexual sensation.

Number 4 – Less Urgency and Leakage Means Less Worry. ThermiVa treats mild urinary incontinence and helps reduce urinary urgency. In our in-office survey, most patients reported that ThermiVa has provided a 75% improvement!

Number 5 – No Downtime Means No Need to Wait to Experience the Results. Other treatments researched recommend 3 days without sex, tampons or any type of penetration, and there is a possibility of a light bloody discharge. ThermiVa does not have any downtime, which means you can have sex right after treatment!

ThermiVa is no longer offered at Rejuvent.