What is Levulan Photodynamic Therapy?

What is Levulan PDT

What is Levulan?

Levulan is a prescription medicine that contains an amino acid that is activated by light (photodynamic therapy). It is applied to the skin and then activated by intense pulse light, or blue light. Levulan is used to target and destroy pre-cancerous skin cells.

Did you know that Levulan treats much more than just pre-cancerous cells?

Levulan also treats acne, acne scars, rosacea, improves wrinkles, reduces pore size, fades pigmentation, improves textural irregularities and unveils soft, luminous skin!

How does Levulan work?

At Rejuvent, we combine Levulan with intense pulse light (IPL) with FotoFacial (aka Photofacial). At your appointment your skin will be cleaned, then Levulan applied. The product will remain on your skin for approximately 60 minutes to be followed by a FotoFacial treatment. The intense pulse light activates the Levulan, which selectively targets and destroys damaged skin cells, pre-cancerous skin cells and some early skin cancer cells. This is a very effective skin treatment proven to rejuvenate the skin and improve it.

Because Levulan is activated by light, you MUST avoid ALL sunlight for 48 hours after treatment. Direct or indirect sunlight can re-activate the Levulan and delay the recovery.

What should I expect post-treatment?

Recovery time varies with the amount of sun damage present before treatment. Most patients experience redness and peeling during the recovery process. Some compare it to a sunburn.

It is very important to avoid all sunlight in the 48 hrs post-treatment, patients that are exposed to minimal light take longer to recover. Levulan produces no scarring and patients reported that the results were worth the redness and discomfort.

Watch Dr. Bomer’s Video Diary of her Levulan PDT Experience


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