Learn why you need a FotoFacial

why you need a fotofacial

What is FotoFacial?

Fotofacial at Rejuvent FotoFacial treatment is a light based therapy to rejuvenate skin. Unlike a laser which generates a beam of intense light of a single wavelength, FotoFacial creates an intense pulsed light (IPL) beam across a range of wavelengths. As the light contains a broad spectrum, it is absorbed by different chromophores (light absorbing molecules) within the skin, breaking up the pigments. This technology enables treatments of both brown, melanin pigments as well as red vascular lesions.

FotoFacial has been proven to treat vascular lesions (red & pink spots), reduce brown spots, age spots, skin redness, freckles, discoloration, facial spider veins and uneven skin tones caused by sun damage. This non-invasive procedure also plumps the skin by stimulating new collagen production. FotoFacial can markedly improve texture, tone, color and overall smoothness of the skin, with no downtime.

FotoFacial can also be combined with Levulan to reverse pre-cancerous skin changes associated with sun exposure. This creates greater overall skin rejuvenation, but there is moderate downtime compared with FotoFacial alone.

What happens during my appointment?

1. Target areas cleaned with a mild cleanser
2. Topical numbing gel applied for additional comfort
3. Light Blast delivered with handheld device
4. Sunscreen applied for protection

How many treatments will I need?

Depends on the severity of skin damage. A package of several sessions is recommended for optimum results.

Are there any side effects?

Minor redness is possible immediately following the procedure. Sunscreen protection is a must and you must limit overall sun exposure until the skin has healed.


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