New Hair Growth Regimen

Nutrafol, the best-selling hair supplement for hair growth has extended its line and created an effective Hair Growth Regimen to help minimize hair loss and strengthen hair in men, women, and menopausal or hormonal women.

Nutrafol’s clinical trials show incredible results after 3 months of use. With that timeline in mind, Nutrafol created the Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplement 3 Pack, now available at Rejuvent and Rejuvent Skincare.

The Nutrafol 3 Pack is available in Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol Men, and Nutrafol Women’s Balance formulas. The 3 month supply has quickly become a best seller at This pack contains 3 month’s supply and is priced with savings to encourage customers to try the formula for 3 months. At Rejuvent Skincare the 3 pack’s savings are even more since Nutrafol’s products are on sale.

If you are noticing thinning hair, more hair shedding, or hair that breaks easily try Nutrafol Regimen today. Get your Nutrafol at and save.

To enhance the results Nutrafol has created physicians’ strength booster products that when taken together with Nutrafol hair supplements help slow down and stop excess hair shedding, nourish and straighten hair follicles.

Nutrafol Regimen:

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