Natural Fragrance Oils – A Healthier Alternative to Perfumes

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Many of the top-selling fragrances in department stores contain petrochemicals and even hormone disruptors. In some cases, they aren’t even listed on the labels but were discovered through chemical analysis. Being in close proximity to someone wearing too much perfume is often unpleasant. In contrast, Kuumba Made was born out of love for the natural world. Their products are crafted using flowers and herbs that are either grown in their own organic garden, harvested at certified organic farms, or ethically wild-harvested. Dr. Bomer fell in love with the long-lasting fragrance oils and realized that they were going to be loved by many when she noticed all the compliments she received while wearing them at work. We are happy to share this amazing brand with our patients and know these scents will bring joy to many.

Available Fragrance Oil Scents:

  • Amber Paste – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A warm, earthy, deeply sensual resin with a hint of sweetness and spice. It enhances meditation, relaxation, and balance. Its enticing nature makes it perfect for men and women.
  • Amber & Myrrh – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – An ancient, mystical blend of two sacred resins with earthy, warm, sweet and spicy notes. Apply lightly and transport your mind to exotic faraway places.
  • Amber & Sandalwood – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Woody, rich, spicy and earthy with a hint of citrus. A deeply sensual and inviting Oriental-type fragrance that celebrates the gift of the trees.
  • Arabian Musk – 1/8 oz $11 – Buy Now
    – Sprightly citrus meets powdery musk. Top notes of bergamot and sunny, southern Italian orange balance out the smooth, mellow musky base. Ethereal, sweet and clean.
  • Arabian Rose – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Traditional rose; strong and sweet. Wrap yourself in the rich, velvety warmth of the Queen of Flowers. A deeply relaxing and sensuous fragrance beloved for centuries.
  • Arabian Sandalwood –  1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Woody, mellow and smooth with just a touch of sweet coconut and vanilla. Highly charismatic and irresistible on your sun-warmed skin.
  • Black Coconut – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A rich coconut fragrance balanced with notes of creamy sweetness. Perfect for hot summer days and sultry nights. Sparks a sense of euphoria.
  • Black Copium – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – An exotic, sweet, spicy, deep and complex blend. Pure Oriental luxuriance, reminiscent of ancient spice trade royalty.
  • China Musk – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Inspirational as a Zen garden. Clean, watery nuances and bright green notes harmonize with the powdery soft florals of rose and lily of the valley. White musk base adds an ethereal, earthy attraction that is irresistible.
  • Creamy Coconut – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – This fragrant blend is like a sweet summer dance on the beach, flowers adorning your hair. A deliciously exotic aphrodisiac.
  • Egyptian Musk – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Very light, clean and mellow. This captivating scent stirs up emotions of desire. This is Kuumba Made’s top-selling fragrance oil.
  • Enchantment – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A graceful and sensual floral bouquet with gardenia and subtle musk undertones. Captivating and unforgettable.
  • Frankincense & Myrrh – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Spicy, deep and delicately sweet with woody undertones. These revered aromatic resins share an ancient history, traveling the camel caravans and sailing the Nile River.
  • Gardenia Musk – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A flourish of rich, seductive vanilla with the elegance of a subtle musk, transforming the African Gardenia flower into a night-blooming seductress.
  • Honeysuckle Rose – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A sweet burst of summer blossoms, engagingly feminine. Honeysuckle and rose intertwine to form an unforgettable scent, attracting butterflies and beaus alike.
  • Lavender Lace – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Classic calming lavender, clean and fresh with a touch of sweetness; holds you in a warm embrace.
  • Lily of the Valley – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A fresh floral-green fragrance, very feminine. Folklore tells us that the rapturous scent of this flower draws the nightingale to his mate. Inspires love.
  • Ocean Dreams – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    A beckoning blend of worldly treasures from faraway places: Vanilla orchid, sweet amber, and soft sandalwood.
  • Opium & Jasmine – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A beautiful double-flowering jasmine with hints of orange flower, and tuberose make way for lush notes of patchouli and woody earthiness. Sweet, strong & spicy.
  • Oriental Musk – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – An enchanting scent; clean, spicy and sweet. As refreshing as a light, tropical mist drifting onto a palace balcony.
  • Persian Garden – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Grounded, smooth, very light and clean with a hint of mystery. Strangers will fall in love with you as you walk by.
  • Pikake Lei – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – This Hawaiian jasmine emits an enticing, fresh and sweet, heavenly scent. Catch a summery tropical breeze all day long by applying lightly to skin or hair.
  • Sweet Rain – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A complex, clearing blend, subtly smoky. Inspired by woodland forests, damp with rain. Sweet amber, vanilla, rose, and citrus adds an enticing sweetness, grounded by cedar and sultry sandalwood.
  • Tea Rose – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – The jubilant, classic perfume of voluptuous English roses. Deeply sensual and romantic, with a bright note of green freshness reminiscent of a morning stroll through a cottage garden.
  • Tunisian Amber – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A beautiful blend of resins gives depth to a sweet, warm and spicy experience. Awakening and enticing to the scents. Sultry and smokey as a far off, exotic tea house.
  • Tunisian Jasmine – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A well-rounded floral; Sweet and feminine. Calming and balancing as a fragrant cup of jasmine tea sipped on the veranda.
  • Tunisian Opium – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Spicy, complex and full-bodied. White florals emboldened by patchouli and deeply woody notes. Lure them with this mysterious and adventurous scent.
  • Tunisian Patchouli – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A unique, rich, slightly sweet and well-balanced patchouli. Warms the heart, grounds the senses.
  • Vanilla Bean – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – The resinous beans of the vanilla orchid are exotic yet familiar; alluring yet calming.
  • Vanilla Musk – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Smooth, well rounded, vanilla with notes of musk, almond, and powdery nuances.  Comfortable, versatile, sensual – just like a breezy little cotton sundress.
  • Water Goddess – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A complex blend of clean, smooth water notes drifting into the sweetness of sandalwood with musk undertones. Inspires sensuality and quiet confidence.
  • Water Lily – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A light, bright scent- green and fresh. Close your eyes and imagine sunshine dancing on the surface of a lily pond in full, glorious bloom.
  • White Ginger – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – The slightly sweet, spicy scent of white ginger flowers awakens the senses. This delicate fragrance sings of warm, fresh, flower-filled Polynesian gardens.
  • Wildflower – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A subtly sweet floral blend. A light, clean bouquet of Hawaiian jasmine, seductive rose. A feminine, floral mystery that will leave a trail of admirers as you pass gracefully by.
  • Wind Dancer – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – Hints of fruit, spice and white flowers unfold from this sweet powdery complex composition with musk undertones. Share this lovely, soft trail of scent as you dance through life.
  • Zen Rain – 1/8 oz $11.00 – Buy Now
    – A clean lightly floral scent with a subtle heart note of spice. This scent brings to life an evocative world of tiny violets and orchids hidden amongst the mosses and ferns of a Zen garden after a summer rain.