Medical Facials

Medical Facials

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Medical facials combine the relaxation of a facial with targeted, effective skin rejuvenation and maintenance. Medical-grade products and techniques are used to customize the facial treatment to your specific skin needs the day of your appointment.

At Rejuvent, we offer many types of Facials to address your skin concerns. Our custom facials include:

  • Hydrating Facial
  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
  • Vitamin C Facial
  • Glycolic Peel Facial
  • Signature Facial
  • Sensitive Skin Facial
  • Extraction Facial

I never had a medical facial, which one should I choose?
Our aesthetician will discuss your concerns and wishes and recommend the best facial for the desired results. We have many different medical facials and they address different skin concerns. Our medical facials are customized for your skin.

How long to medical facials take at Rejuvent Scottsdale?
30 to 90 minutes

Are there side effects to medical facials?
Your skin may feel slightly warm and appear red, but nothing that makeup can’t camouflage. You will leave the spa with sunscreen to protect your skin and recommendations on skin care to further your progress.

What results should I expect?
It will depend on the type of medical facials you received but most likely your skin will immediately appear smoother, tighter, brighter, and more lifted, and clear. Results from medical facials are cumulative and improve over time, so the more you go, the better your skin will look. The Rejuvent aesthetician will discuss with you a schedule or a skin treatment program to help you achieve all your skin care goals.

How often should I get a Medical Facial?
Most aestheticians suggest getting a medical facial once a month, our aesthetician will suggest a schedule that fits your lifestyle and is maximized for the best possible outcome.

Who performs medical faces at Rejuvent?
Our licensed aesthetician Emily Glenn. Emily has been a medical aesthetician since 2000 and has a loyal following, she is a Certified Laser Technician, and practices under the supervision of Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis.

Emily has transformed my skin. When I started coming to Rejuvent my skin was a disaster. Full of dark spots, with uneven texture and dry patches, I truly looked a lot older because of my skin. I see Emily regularly and she has me on the perfect schedule to maintain my skin healthy and beautiful.
I did not think my acne could be controlled or even improved. I had tried all the products I could find and then I got a recommendation from a friend to see Emily, I met with her and knew right away that she knew how to help me. My skin transformation is amazing! I had facials, chemical peels, eMatrix and she has sold me some amazing products to keep acne at bay. She is a miracle worker! Thank you, Emily!

How much do they cost?
$60 to $150. There are considerable savings when you purchase more than one or join the Rejuvent Your Face & Body Skin Club.

No matter what is your skin’s condition, or the skin concern you want to address we can customize your medical facial experience and help you achieve your goals.

Call Rejuvent Scottsdale today for a complimentary consultation at 480.889.8880 and start on your path to skin rejuvenation today!