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Please keep in mind Dr. Bomer is only performing non-surgical rhinoplasty.

You too can have the nose you wish for!

Visit Rejuvent for a complimentary Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty consultation and find out how Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis can help you achieve the nose transformation you desire. These before and after photos are of Rhinoplasty surgery Dr. Bomer achieved for her patients when she performed the surgery. She now achieves amazing results with non-surgical filler injections.

Rhinoplasty Photo Close-Ups

Digital Imaging Simulation Before & After Rhinoplasty Photos

Dr. Bomer used state of the art digital imaging to demonstrate to patients what changes were possible with surgery.  It also served as a blueprint for the actual surgery itself.  No two noses are the same, and the specific steps of the surgery are customized to each patient.  While imaging is a guideline and not a guarantee of a specific outcome, most often the imaged results are similar to the outcome.


All Rhinoplasty before and after photographs on this site are actual Rejuvent Medical Spa & Surgery patients unless otherwise noted. These photos were taken at our Scottsdale facility. These images are not retouched.

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