July 2018 Newsletter

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Rejuvent Newsletter – July 2018

July At Rejuvent

Brighten, Moisturize, Exfoliate & Renew Your Skin!

“I just love this mask – it’s great to do on a weekly basis to bump up your skincare. I notice an immediate difference in the texture and look of my skin as soon as I am done. I think it’s a great habit to get into – masking is a great at home treatment!”  – SkinZyme Mask review – RejuventSkinCare.com

You put so much effort into following your daily skin care routine and getting in-office treatments, so why not enhance those results with the power of a mask? Incorporating a mask 1-2x weekly can provide targeted benefits to magnify the results of your at-home skin care program.

Learn more about which mask is right for you and save 20% off your mask purchase!

  • Jan Marini Luminate Mask – Buy Now!
    Brightens, Resurfaces and Renews to unveil glowy skin!
  • Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask – Buy Now!
    Papaya enzymes digest dead skin cells without harming sensitive or irritated tissues. Great for weekly use or post-treatment.
  • Jan Marini Retinol Mask – Buy Now!
    Addresses fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne.
  • SwissClinical Moisturizing Mask – $110.40 (Save $27.60) – Buy Now!
    Provides intense anti-wrinkle and moisturizing action.
  • SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Mask – $41.60 (Save $10.40) – Call to Order!
    Natural earth clays decongest pores, lift impurities, and help remove excess oils.

Offer Details:  While supplies last. Offer valid until July 31, 2018.

Step-by-Step Masking Routine with Dr. Bomer

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The office is open July 3, 9 and 10.
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New Products at Rejuvent

  • SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate – Read More
  • SkinCeuticals Light Moisture UV Defense Read More
  • ZO Daily Power DefenseRead More
  • ZO Smart Tone SPF 50 Read More
  • SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E
    – Read More
  • SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense – Read More

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Rejuvent Gift With Purchase

Gift with purchase

Get a FREE ZO Skin Health Daily Power Defense travel size when you buy any two ZO products!

The NEW ZO Skin Health Daily Power Defense contains active ingredients such as Vitamin E, Retinol, Ceramide 6, Peptides and Enzymes to help speed up the skin’s natural repair process!
( FREE 1 oz valued at $88)

Daily Power Defense Features & Benefits:

  • Provides antioxidant protection to combat free radical damage
  • Helps tighten and firm the skin
  • Promotes skin health
  • Helps support skin’s natural mechanism to repair damage and protect against future skin damage

CALL to Order!

Offer Details:  Must purchase two ZO Skin Health products to receive gift. While supplies last. No cash value or product substitution. Not valid with any other offer.

Rejuvent Gift With Purchase

Get a FREE SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic travel size when you buy any three SkinCeuticals products.

The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic contains active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, and Vitamin E to protect the skin against free radical damage, and to brighten and firm the skin!
(FREE 0.5 fl oz valued at $80)

C E Ferulic Features & Benefits:

  • Provides advanced environmental protection by neutralizing damaging free radicals
  • Visible anti-aging benefits
  • Improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Increases firmness
  • Brightens skin’s complexion
  • Neutralizes free radicals on the upper layer of the skin to help prevent the impact of ozone damage to the skin
  • An excellent complement to sunscreens for enhanced protection
  • Once absorbed, this vitamin C serum remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours
  • Paraben-free and ideal for normal, dry, and sensitive skin types
  • Tested suitable for use post-laser

CALL to Order!

Offer Details:  Must purchase three SkinCeuticals to receive gift. While supplies last. No cash value or product substitution. Not valid with any other offer.

Rejuvent Special

Save on ThermiVa!

ThermiVa Deserves all the Credit…

Book your ThermiVa in July and save $500 on our ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation already low prices.

ThermiVa is able to accomplish the following in 3 sessions spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart:

  • Vaginal tightening
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Increased labia majora and minora skin tightening
  • Increased sensation to peri-clitoral area
  • Better and more frequent orgasms
  • Improved sexual pleasure
  • Improves painful intercourse
  • Improvement in stress urinary incontinence
  • Improvement of overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms

Price: $2,500 for 3 treatments
(save $500, regularly $3,000) Includes 3 ThermiVa treatments scheduled 1 month apart
– $2,350 if you are a member of Your Face & Body Skin Club!

Offer Details:  ThermiVa package must be purchased by 7-31-2018.

Watch Dr. Bomer and Linda Esposito’s video on ThermiVa

Want to read an honest and candid report about ThermiVa? 

Claudia's ThermiVa Experience

What are Free Radicals and why do they damage your skin?

Free radicals occur when a molecule inside of a cell loses or gain electrons. When this happens they behave erratically and steal electrons from other molecules. This process makes the cell unbalanced and eventually damaged.

Free radicals can cause deterioration of the collagen, elastin fibers and DNA within the cells and they can accelerate cell death. As we age we slow down and even stop the production of collagen and elastin. Once they are weak or damaged the skin loses elasticity, plumpness, and moisture which causes fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, skin texture irregularities, and dryness.

Antioxidants donate electrons to stabilize free radicals

Antioxidants help stabilize the molecule by donating an electron to the free radical. As we age, the skin’s own antioxidant defense system weakens, losing its capacity to fight the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. An antioxidant-rich diet and a concentrated antioxidant skincare routine can help boost your antioxidant defense!

Learn all about free radicals

Your Face & Body Skin Club

Rejuvent Skin Club Your Face & Body Skin Club Members…
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  • Get a FREE Dermaplaning with any Medical Facial
    Member’s Savings:
  • PRP Facial SkinBooster with Rejuvapen Face & Neck area
    Member’s Price: $350 (was $400 – Non-Members Price $450)
  • Get a free Chest area added-on when you buy a Face & Neck Chemical Peel
    Member’s Savings: $125 to $225

Your Face & Body Skin Club Offer Details:  Cannot be combined with any other offer. Specials end July 31st, 2018.

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Frasier Says

Frasier Says… Enjoy the Summer!

Frasier says enjoy the summer

July Sales

Rejuvent Specials Details: Rejuvent reserves the right to discontinue any promotion at any time. Specials are available on a first come, first served basis. The specials mentioned are valid for this month only or otherwise specified. Specials are not valid with any other offer. No substitutions. Some products are only available in-office. RX skin care may require a consultation prior to being sold. Some sale prices only available after you login due to manufacturer restrictions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why is your skin type important?

Skin type Fitzpatrick scale

Are you closer to Clooney, Bullock or Blanchett? your skin type according to the Fitzpatrick scale

The Fitzpatrick scale is a skin classification system. Developed in the 1970s by Harvard Medical School dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick, it’s shorthand for the shade of your complexion and how it’s likely to react to the sun and cosmetic treatments.

When it comes to skin health and beauty, it is vital to know your Fitzpatrick scale number.

The Fitzpatrick scale runs from type 1, or I in Roman numerals (as it’s commonly quantified) to type 6, or VI.

Type 1 is the fairest complexion, while type 6 is the darkest. The lower your Fitzpatrick scale number, the more likely you are to burn in the sun. The higher your Fitzpatrick scale number, the more likely you are to have side effects from laser treatments and chemical peels.

Your Skin Type and Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Skin typing using the Fitzpatrick Scale is an essential step in determining effective and safe laser settings for Laser Hair Removal. Your skin type is determined mostly by your heritage, and it can vary from person to person.

Skin color is determined by the amount of melanin present, and some people have more melanin than others.

When considering laser hair removal treatments, it is very important to determine the Fitzpatrick skin type to avoid complication such as scarring, blistering, burning and pigmentation changes in the skin. Pigmentation changes could occur because the laser attacks the melanin in darker colored hair, it can affect darker colored skin as well. Lasers have different settings for darker skin types, so it is very important to properly determine the Fitzpatrick skin type before treatment in order to apply the right setting to avoid these complications.

Performing test spots (small areas of skin on which the laser is tested) to determine how your skin will react to the laser is another way to ensure safety with your Laser Hair Reduction treatment. At Rejuvent we always take this very important step to ensure the best and safest treatment possible.


Hereditary Factors Might Contribute

skin type III

Dr. Bouzoukis looks like he is Type II but in reality he is Type III!

His skin is very light because he always protects himself from the sun and everyday applies broad-spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30, but because of his Greek heritage, his skin tans very easily!

If you have any questions about what Fitzpatrick type your skin is, at your next appointment let us know and we will help you figure it out!








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