Q: What are the causes of dark circles under the eyes?

the causes for dark circles under the eyes

A: Dark circles under the eyes can come from three differing etiologies. There can be brown pigmentation, vasculature showing through thin aging skin and loss of bone at the bony rim under the eye allowing the existing fat around the eyeball to fall forward and appear as a bag with a dark circle shadow underneath.

How we can treat dark circles under the eyes:

1. Brown pigmentation – prescription medical grade skin care and collagen-building treatments performed at Rejuvent can lift some of this pigment out. Improving this type of resistant pigment requires daily home skin care and protection from the sun.

2. Vascular dark circles:  In part, this happens to all of us as the skin thins in the delicate under-eye area.  Some people, however, are more prone to vascular pigment than others. The best focus to improve this problem is to thicken the under eye skin with RX skin care daily targeted to build collagen and moisture content in the skin. Additionally, targeted topical home care treatment is available to diminish the staining of the skin from leaky blood vessels.

3.  The precise application of filler in the under eye cheek complex can remove the appearance of bags under the eyes with a dark shadow underneath. This often requires 2 to 3 treatments for a most improved look as it necessary to proceed with augmentation carefully so that there is no overcorrection which could lead to an unnatural appearance.

Whether we use one treatment or multiple treatments, we can help you minimize your dark circles under your eyes. Call us today at 480-889-8880 and schedule your consultation.


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