Is his skin different than hers?

is his skin different than hers

Is men’s skin really different than women’s?

Yes, it is. Not only males have thicker skin (20 to 30% thicker), it’s oilier and has more collagen and elastin too!

If men’s skin is different, should the products they use be different too?

Yes and no. Some skin care products they do not need, some products have fragrances tailored for women, some products do not have the right (or enough) ingredients, but medical grade products are scientifically proven to work in both skins.

Because men’s skin is thicker does that mean they are more protected from the sun?

No, absolutely not. Men are at a higher risk of getting skin cancer, due to more sun exposure, not using sun protection and fewer visits to doctors. Full-spectrum SPF 30 or higher is a must and needs to be applied daily, independently of the weather!

Do men’s skin age the same way as women?

Not really. Having to shave daily might sound like a negative, but, in fact, this exfoliation of the outer skin layer, removes dead skin and leads to a more youthful appearance. The abundance of oil is also a plus as it traps moisture, which keeps the skin hydrated and plumper. Having more collagen in the skin, leads to fewer wrinkles and slower aging. But even with all these pluses, men’s skin still age and is vulnerable to skin cancer.

Do men really need skin care products?

Yes, absolutely! A proper skin care program protects and cares for the skin by its type and characteristics – not gender. The same product formulations that protect, reduce or prevent wrinkles, heal dry skin, reduce pore size, lessen dark spots, minimize oily shine, and eliminate acne work for both men and women. Other than products for shaving and grooming the must-have products for his medicine cabinet are Sun protection, facial cleanser, antioxidants, growth factors and peptides, retinol and moisturizers.

Should Men purchase skin care products marketed “For Men”?

Not really. Ingredients are key! Many product lines are marketed to men with masculine-looking packaging and more often than not those products are poorly formulated with ingredients that can hurt the skin or make skin-care concerns (red bumps, razor burn, breakouts, oily skin, dry skin, and so on) worse. Many products use problematic ingredients like menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, citrus, or alcohol to create the “strong smell, strong man” and these ingredients are incredibly irritating to the skin. If men really want to look their best, it means taking a closer look at the formulas behind that rugged, masculine packaging. Rejuvent recommended for men products have a high concentration of ingredients that address skin issues and work in synergy to produce results.

What is the Rejuvent Regimen Recommended For Men?

Protecting the skin and correcting damage doesn’t have to be complicated. Rejuvent has created a simple, effective skincare program for men to provide both protection and correction to the skin. Contact Rejuvent today for a skin care program and analysis.