Q. Where do I stop applying my face products?

Learn where to apply skincare

The Total Face area

A. Your “Face” is a Bigger Area Than You May Think! To get the most out of your skincare products we recommend applying to The Total Facefull face, ears, neck and décolleté area going as far into the cleavage as possible. Also apply your skincare products it to the back of the neck and the back area as far as you can reach.

Using your products in these areas will help slow the aging process uniformly and present a more youthful appearance overall. 

NOTE:  The delicate skin of your neck and chest can benefit from retinol, but must be applied lightly once your face has built up a tolerance. If the area becomes itchy, swollen or has red bumps, a light steroid cream, can reduce irritation. It is important to avoid scratching, sun exposure, and extreme heat while your skin is recovering.