Frasier Says Thank you!

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In the United States, Thanksgiving has its roots in a celebratory feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. The pilgrims gave thanks for their bountiful harvest. This was based on the harvest festival, a celebration many cultures, including the British, had observed for hundreds of years prior.

Frasier and brother FultonWhile I’m very grateful for the daily bounty Dr. Bomer provides, I am especially thankful for my brother Fulton. Like most siblings, we occasionally squabble. But we spend much more time conversing, playing and of course snuggling. His energy keeps me active, despite us being middle aged. I typically demonstrate my love for Fulton with a lengthy tongue bath, followed by a swat to the ear, and a high speed chase around the house.

I’m Frasier and his brother taki enjoy a napalso grateful for my brother from another mother, Taki. When Fulton and I came over as kittens, he welcomed us with licks right away. He has never been mean, and is always willing to serve as a warm, squishy mattress. Since Taki has a lot of hair, he’s always very warm to snuggle with if I am feeling chilled. I just have to be careful about giving him too many baths because I used to get wicked Taki hair balls before I learned. Frasier's Paw