Frasier Says… Surprise source of aging for your hands!

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Uv radiation in gel manicure

At the recent Dermatology Academy meeting, Dr. Chris Adigun had a fascinating lecture on the dangers of LED lights used in curing nail gels at salons.  When tested, these lights were found to be 100% UVA wavelengths.  People actual receive 4 times the normal amount of UV radiation during the nail curing compared with normal exposure during an entire day.  Current sunscreens are not adequate.  Repeated exposure leads to collagen and elastin breakdown, thinning of the skin, brown spots and increases the risk of skin cancer.  Limiting exposure to these lights is advised.  If you decide to continue, consider investing in UV protection gloves, that have the fingertips exposed, to limit UV exposure to your hands.

I often see Dr. Bomer’s hands and she has baby soft hands. I think it is because of the skin care she slathers on top of it!Frasier's Paw