A Strong Chin with Surgical Chin Augmentation

If filler injection is not enough, sometimes surgery is an option!

We are sometimes born with a small chin which causes an imbalance to the face; this often is referred to as having a weak chin, when a permanent solution is needed and augmentation is appropriate, surgery is a good option.

Why is your chin changing as you age? Sometimes a chin recesses as we age. This change occurs as we experience shrinkage of our entire skull, including our jaw bone, due to bone resorption (volume loss in the bone).

Regardless of the cause, small chins can be improved aesthetically with and without surgery. At Rejuvent, we currently only offer non-surgical solutions for a better chin, Dr. Bomer no longer performs chin augmentation surgery as she prefers the natural results resulting from filler injections.

Surgical Chin Augmentation

Silicone chin implants can improve facial contouring and the overall balance of the lower face with the upper facial features. A chin implant creates a more harmonious, proportionate look to the face, especially on the profile.

In many cases of age-related bone loss in the chin and jaw, an implant is not required. A filler is sculpted along the chin and jawline to achieve the best contour for each individual’s face. There is minimal downtime.

Dr. Kelly Bomer’s thoughts on Surgical Chin Augmentation:

“I have performed many successful surgical chin implants, but no longer perform this surgery as it is not the best option for long-term chin augmentation. The implant is a nice result for the short term in women, but the chin implant will remain forever unless surgically removed. Ultimately, women are subject to significant bone loss with the aging process and the chin is an important area of decline. When the bone resorbs from aging, which requires additional augmentation, and there is an implant, the chin bone cannot be augmented safely because of the risk of implant infection. The chin can be somewhat rejuvenated with subcutaneous and dermal support with filler, but this does not replace bone support.

Men are more resistant to bony decline due to higher levels of testosterone thus their chin will hold up better with an implant. Hyaluronic acid filler also works very well in men and I feel a better option because it can be modified with time as the aging process continues.”

Chin Augmentation in Scottsdale

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Surgical Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Surgery:

  • Improves profile
  • Improves facial contouring
  • Improves facial proportions

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My new chin is perfect!

“I had filler injected in my chin and loved it, but I was looking for a permanent solution and Dr. Bomer performed my surgery! My face is looking great and my new chin is perfect!”

– R.

Chin Augmentation Surgery Before and After Photo Gallery

A Strong Chin with Surgery

Visit Rejuvent for a consultation and find out how Dr. Bomer can improve your chin with surgery. These photos are only a small sampling of the amazing results Dr. Bomer & Dr. Bouzoukis achieve for their patients in their Scottsdale location.

Frequently asked questions related to Chin Augmentation Surgery at Rejuvent.

Surgical Chin Augmentation is a surgical procedure to add volume and definition to the chin by adding a permanent silicone implant.

At Rejuvent Scottsdale, the Chin Augmentation surgery is performed under local anesthesia, it is safely performed as an outpatient procedure.

If you have moderate to severe recessing chin and need more volume than can be provided with filler, you might be a great candidate for chin augmentation surgery.

At Rejuvent, our doctors will analyze your face and evaluate if surgery is the best option or if you are a better candidate for filler injections.

Surgery offers a more permanent solution but the results cannot be changed, the new chin will stay in your face forever or until it is surgically removed.

Liquid dermal filler injections are a short-term solution but offer the most flexibility. As your face ages, the placement and amount of filler can be varied to accommodate your facial changes.

During a Rejuvent consultation in our Scottsdale office, your concerns will be analyzed and the best solution will be presented to you. Call 480-889-8880 to schedule your consultation.

For some patients, the loss of bone volume, which keeps occurring over time, is best addressed with filler. As the bones shrink the chin changes and filler can accommodate those changes.

The surgical chin augmentation is a permanent solution and cannot be modified after it’s completed.

Before surgery, Dr. Bomer will make precise markings to designate where the implant should go.

At Rejuvent, a surgical chin implant is performed under local anesthesia. It is performed as an outpatient in our Surgery Center.

The recovery time is approximately one week.

We recommend following these suggestions before your surgery:

  • One week before your surgery, avoid taking aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Motrin, Aleve or Ibuprofen), Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, or fish oil supplements. These agents may increase bruising and bleeding. If you require a pain remedy during this time period, it is ok to take Tylenol.
  • Adding leafy greens to your diet will boost your Vitamin K and help to reduce the possibility of bruising and swelling.
  • Avoid eating apples or large quantities of garlic before your surgery.
  • Arnica supplements have been shown to reduce discomfort, bruising, and swelling from injectable procedures. Arnica pills may be started the day before or the day of treatment and should be continued until bruising has resolved. We carry Arnica supplements at Rejuvent and RejuventSkinCare.com

You will need a driver to take you home after surgery.

It is normal to experience soreness, bruising, swelling, tightness, and some degree of pain for the first few days following surgery. These conditions will lessen each day.

View before and after chin implant surgery and see how other patients achieved beautifully natural results at Rejuvent Scottsdale.

The final surgery chin augmentation results are usually seen two to three months after the surgery has been performed.

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