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Keep in mind our skin types are all different and each one of us has a different concern. Call us today to see which spa treatment can help you the most!


 Dermaplaning does wonders for my skin!  It makes my skin so smooth and it takes away the peach fuzz so my makeup looks even better.  I love the way my face looks and feels afterwards.  Sometimes I add-on before a peel for an extra exfoliation boost! – Kerri


 My hormones helped greatly increase my facial hair and I struggled with that for a long time. Laser Hair Removal made an incredible difference! I no longer need to shave and have no more hair stubble! – Claudia


 My skin has improved so much since I started my skin care program and Chemical Peels with Emily.  I am no longer constantly breaking out, and my skin is smooth and radiant.  I feel much more confident.  I can’t recommend this treatment enough! – Ruth


My number one treatment is Fotofacial! It has made a visible difference on my freckles and sun damage. I have a Fotofacial treatment every other month and can’t imagine going without it. My friends keep telling me that my skin is glowing! – Shandra


I really enjoy getting Microdermabrasion! It does wonders for my skin! The texture of my skin is smoother and very different than when I started. My pores are smaller and my lines are finer too! – James Bouzoukis, MD


favorite spa treatment dr bomerGlycolic peels – these peel provide significant rejuvenation, smoothing of wrinkles and plumping of the skin without the peeling.  After a peel, your skin is dry and a little rough which is easily managed with post peel peptides, growth factors and moisturizing agents.  You can still wear makeup and the public does not know that you are recovering. These peels are also great for deep pore cleaning which helps control my inflammatory skin on my chest and back and the acne on my face. – Kelly Bomer, MD



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