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About Frasier, a Cornish Rex:

Frasier Rejuvent Cat Guru

Hello, I am Frasier the Rejuvent Cat Guru. My brother Fulton and I were adopted by Drs. Bomer and Bouzoukis 6 years ago. They have learned a lot from me during that time and are quite well trained now. I am an expert at life and everything fun. Why? Well, I was bred that way.

My breed, the Cornish Rex, is originally from Cornwall, England. My ancestor Kallibunker was born in 1950 with a fortuitous genetic mutation that produced extremely fine and curly fur- like a baby lamb- with no long guard hairs like most cats. His owner consulted with a veterinarian and they bred Kallibunker and created a new breed. Subsequently, Cornies were crossed with Siamese cats to maximize our slender, whippet like bodies and expand our vocabulary. Rejuvent Sound

We have large ears, high cheek bones and a strong nose. Despite our aristocratic, elegant and dainty appearance, we are deceptively athletic, muscular and resilient.

Like most Cornies, I am intelligent, adventurous and extra curious. I love to play, race my brother, and do acrobatic jumps. I exercise and stretch daily, and get plenty of beauty rest. I intersperse intense physical activity with introspection and meditation-often on a lap under a blanket, on the fireplace hearth or in a sunny spot as I have a very fine coat and love being warm.

Visit often to see what I have to say. Believe me, I have lots to say, and I enjoy sharing.
After all, with 9 lives comes wisdom…Frasier's Paw

 “Everybody wants to be a cat.  A cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.”
– Floyd Huddleston