An avid traveler, Claudia, who was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, brings to Rejuvent her award-winning experience in Graphic Design. Claudia has worked in all facets of design from silk-screening to printing, interactivity, video and web design.

She is a geeky girl that is fascinated by the rapidly changing world of interactive media and enjoys integrating old proven marketing techniques in today’s “immediate results” world in which we live. Claudia is passionate about the skin care industry and loves to read all about new products, treatments, and trends.

She loves going to new places, fishing, RVing with her family and going to the movies.

Claudia’s Skin Tips & Observations:

“Even though I was born in tropical Brazil and grew up on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, I avoided sun exposure and remember my mom always lathering me up with goey thick white sunscreen. I am so glad I did that as my skin is in good shape to benefit from the wonderful products I have been introduced to here at Rejuvent. I have never been constant with my daily and nightly routine and now that I have a skin care routine that works for me I have noticed significant differences in the tone and texture of my aging skin.”

My favorite products so far are the SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2, Intellishade TruPhysical and Skin Medica Lytera 2.0.

Tip: Never forget the sunscreen and try your best to stay consistent with your skincare routine.

Claudia Howe



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