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About Rejuvent

Rejuvent Medical Spa & Surgery was founded in 2004 in Scottsdale, Arizona by Kelly V. Bomer, MD and James J. Bouzoukis, MD. Rejuvent is the premier destination for all facets of facial rejuvenation and beauty. Our 7,300 square foot facility houses a fully-accredited Surgery Center (AAAASF Certified), specialized Injection Suites, and a comprehensive Medical Spa; all in a beautifully appointed, home-like setting.

Dr. Bomer & Dr. Bouzoukis

Drs. Bomer & Bouzoukis practice what they have discovered to be the perfect union between surgery and volumizing to create a truly rejuvenated appearance. Age-related laxity of tissues responds well to traditional lifting surgeries, and volume loss which leads to a tired appearance can be corrected with well-placed filler injections. Drs. Bomer & Bouzoukis have built a unique environment at Rejuvent; offering both surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation options, ensuring ideal treatment plans at all levels for our patients.

Rejuvent Skin Care

Under the direction of Dr. Bomer, the skin care professionals at Rejuvent customize skin care regimens for each patient based upon a thorough evaluation of skin condition and rejuvenation goals. Dr. Bomer and the Rejuvent staff have personally tested the skin care products we carry to ensure efficacious, results-oriented products. There are many products on the market that do not pass Dr. Bomer's strict tests for approval.