Introducing ThermiVa – Feminine Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate and tighten your vagina

ThermiVa® is a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that uses the science of heat to treat and restore vaginal laxity and function.

ThermiVa delivers radio frequency through a soft, slender probe that gently heats the vaginal walls, external labia, and surrounding areas. This controlled heat is regulated to the patient’s comfort and results in a treatment that causes no pain and is well tolerated by patients. The radio-frequency waves cause tightening by increasing blood flow, stimulating new collagen formation and allowing for more simultaneous muscle contractions of the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles. This, in turn, results in improved control of urine and stress incontinence, improved sexual satisfaction and improved vaginal moisture without the need for surgery. The treatment is an in-office procedure with no down time. Most patients see a significant improvement after the first visit; however, three treatments over a period of three months is recommended for optimal results.

ThermiVa is able to accomplish the following in three sessions spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart:

  • Vaginal tightening
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Increased labia majora and minora skin tightening
  • Increased sensation to peri-clitoral area
  • Better and more frequent orgasms
  • Improved sexual pleasure
  • Improves painful intercourse
  • Improvement in stress urinary incontinence
  • Improvement of overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms

 What do our Patients Have to Say?

“ThermiVa considerably improved my vagina look and feel, I am very pleased with the results!”

“I am amazed at the results I got. I have to say that my incontinence issue has improved by at least 80%, I am thrilled!”

“I heard Dr. Bomer raving about ThermiVa and decided to try it too. Dr. Bomer’s recommendations are always great and ThermiVa was no exception! I am amazed by my results!”


Introductory Price: $2,700
Includes 3 ThermiVa treatments scheduled 3-4 weeks apart.

Call 480-889-8880 To schedule your complimentary consultation.

Reclaim your feminine wellnessWho can be helped by ThermiVa?

Women of all ages!

  • Teenagers or women of any age bothered by discomfort during physical activities. Often enlarged labia disrupt sports and physical activities such as running and biking. ThermiVa can shrink and reduce the size of the labia.
  • Women that delivered babies. Vaginal deliveries can greatly alter a woman’s vaginal area. By tightening vaginal tissues and strengthening the vaginal wall, ThermiVa is able to repair torn tissue, restore elasticity and improve the external appearance of the vagina.
  • Post-Menopausal Women. Menopause and the subsequent lack of estrogen can result in vaginal dryness. ThermiVa stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen—aiding in increased moisture production and helping to create soft, thick vaginal tissues.
  • Women who are unhappy about the look and feel of their vaginas. ThermiVa tightens and contracts tissues, bringing the outer parts of the vagina closer to the woman’s natural contour.
  • Women with decreased feeling during sexual activities. ThermiVa can reinvigorate a woman’s sexual life. With better sensitivity and increased friction, ThermiVa has been known to help women achieve sexual orgasm.
  • Women who struggle from Incontinence. Because ThermiVa tightens and improves muscle coordination around the bladder it dramatically and rapidly helps women who struggle from bladder leakage and urge incontinence.

Price: $2,700 (save $300, regularly $3,000)
Includes 3 ThermiVa treatments scheduled 1 month apart.

Call 480-889-8880 To schedule your complimentary consultation.

Learn more with Dr. Bomer and Linda Esposito, LPN


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ThermiVa as featured in the Show TheDoctors


Have more questions? Read our ThermiVa FAQ

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Who benefits from ThermiVa?

  • Women that have vaginal laxity
  • Women that are not satisfied with the appearance of their labia
  • Women with vaginal dryness due to peri-menopause, menopause, use of hormones, cancer treatments or other causes
  • Women with orgasmic problems or sexual dissatisfaction
  • Women with urinary incontinence
  • Women with stress incontinence (leakage when you run, laugh, cough, or sneeze))
  • Women with mild to moderate pelvic prolapse, such as fallen bladder or rectum
  • Women with discomfort during intercourse
  • Women with discomfort when exercising, riding bike, or participating in sports activities

Women of all ages can benefit from ThermiVa. From teenagers to mature adults.

How do I know if I am a candidate for ThermiVa feminine rejuvenation?

If you experience urinary incontinence, vaginal looseness or dryness, ThermiVa may be for you. By improving vaginal dryness and looseness, ThermiVa can result in more satisfying, less painful intimacy. ThermiVa can tighten the vagina walls which can also improve incontinence and for everyday comfort and confidence.


How does ThermiVa work?

Thermal heating utilizing radiofrequency energy is delivered through a one-time use, soft, slender probe which is massaged on the labia majora, labia minora, peri-clitoral skin and in the vagina which causes collagen rejuvenation, skin tightening, and increased sensation and lubrication. The radiofrequency waves cause tightening by increasing blood flow, stimulating new collagen formation and allowing for more simultaneous muscle contractions of the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles. Toning of the muscles results in improved control of urine leakage and stress incontinence, improved sexual satisfaction and improved vaginal moisture.

  • One time use, disposable soft and slender probe
  • Radiofrequency waves cause tightening by increasing blood flow, new collagen formation, and vaginal wall & muscle toning
  • Treats the inside and outside of the vagina

What are the benefits of ThemiVa?

Labial Tightening:

  • Tightens the labial tissues and reduce sag
  • Results in softer and smoother skin
  • More comfort in body conscious clothing
  • Improves comfort during physical activities such as riding bikes and sports

Vaginal Canal Tightening:

  • Tightens the vaginal canal so it is noticeable to the patient and the partner

Improves Dryness of the Labia and Vagina (Atrophic Vulvovaginitis):

  • Increases vaginal moisture
  • Increases vaginal comfort (before, during and post sex) without use of hormones
  • Reduces labial irritation

Improves Stress Urinary Incontinence:

  • Reduces bladder leakage accidents
  • Reduces urinary urgency symptoms
  • Improves mild to moderate Pelvic Prolapse

Improves Orgasmic or Sexual Dysfunction:

  • Increase in orgasm sensitivity
  • Shrinks vaginal tissues and helps improve muscular coordination and strength
  • More coordinated and stronger muscular contractions
  • Achieve orgasms in shorter time period


Is ThermiVa safe?

ThermiVa is very safe with few side effects such as mild period like cramping, during the procedure.

Unlike other vaginal rejuvenation treatments, ThermiVa does not burn any tissue. No burns, blisters, infections, organ or nerve damage have been reported with ThermiVa.

ThermiVa uses a single-use, disposable hand piece, ensuring no risk of transmission of infections.

How many treatments will I need for optimal results?

Most patients require three treatments over a period of three months for optimal results. At Rejuvent we schedule ThemiVa in a series of 3 treatments, 3 to 4 weeks apart.

Maintenance treatments are recommended 6 to 12 months or as needed.

How long does the effects of ThermiVa last?

The effects of ThermiVa treatments last approximately nine months to a year. Maintenance treatments are recommended once or twice a year after the initial series to maintain optimal results.

Is there downtime associated with ThermiVa feminine rejuvenation?

There is no downtime associated with non-invasive ThermiVa.

Unlike other treatments, patients can resume sexual activity and physical activity immediately after each treatment session.

That means that women that participate in sports do not have to take time off to recover. There is no downtime.

Are ThermiVa treatments painful?

ThermiVa is a comfortable in-office non-surgical procedure which requires no anesthesia. ThermiVa is able to deliver safely controlled heat, regulated to the patient’s thermal comfort. Most patients experience minimal to no discomfort (such as mild period-like cramping) during their ThermiVa treatments.


What are the requirements before ThermiVa treatment?

  • YouMons Pubis area for ThermiVa Shaving should have a normal pelvic exam within 2 years of your ThermiVa treatment.
  • You cannot have a urinary tract infection or a skin infection in or around the area of treatment.
    — Let your physician know if you are prone to herpes outbreaks, as your provider may want to prescribe an antiviral prior to the treatment.
  • You cannot be pregnant during the treatment. It is ok to have a ThermiVa treatment 6 weeks after delivery.
  • You should inform your physician of any vaginal surgery or if you have been told you have any vaginal prolapse.
  • For your comfort, treatment should be avoided during your menstrual cycle.
  • You should shave the entire vaginal area with the exception of the “mons pubis” – the area on top of your vagina (pictured). Get as much hair out as you can.

What should I expect after ThermiVa?

  • If treated externally, skin may be slightly pink to red, swollen and warm to the touch for approximately one-hour post procedure
  • Possibility of mild cramping, which should resolve in 24 hours
  • Light spotting may occur immediately post procedure
  • You can resume normal physical and sexual activity on the same day of treatment, unless otherwise directed by your provider
  • No restrictions on showering
  • No restrictions on bathing, swimming or hot tubs (exception: if spotting or mild bleeding wait one day)

What are the advantages of ThermiVa compare to other vaginal rejuvenation procedures?

  • ThermiVa is the only treatment that treats the inside and outside of the vagina –
    Competing laser treatments treat the inside OR the outside of the vagina
  • There is no stinging or discharge and it is non-ablative
  • There is no tissue burning with ThermiVa which means there is no risk of desensitization
  • The treatment is easy with no pain or downtime and is very affordable

When will I see results from ThermiVa treatments at Rejuvent?

Some patients will begin to notice improvements from ThermiVa right away. Results continue to improve overtime.

Most patients notice full improvements up to two weeks after treatment. Although most will experience benefits after 1 treatment, it is recommended that 3 treatments be performed 3 to 4 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments every 6 months to 1 year are also recommended.

How much does ThermiVa cost?

Rejuvent’s introductory price for ThermiVa package is $2,700. The treatment is sold in a package of 3 sessions scheduled 3 to 4 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are $750.

Who will be performing Thermiva treatments?

Our nurse Linda Esposito, LPN, under the guidance of Dr. Bomer, will be performing the ThermiVa treatments at Rejuvent. Linda has 40 years nursing experience, she has been working at Rejuvent for over 2 years. Prior to working to Rejuvent, Linda worked for 10 years at a Gynecologist office. She has been extensively trained in ThermiVa. She is very familiar and experienced with the female anatomy.

ThermiVa Before and After Photos

We will take a photo immediately after treatment for your medical record. These photos will only be shown to you.
We suggest that you bring your cell phone, or a camera, so we can also take photos so you compare in the privacy of your home if you wish.

Dr. Alinsod, conducted the ThermiVa study and has made his photos available. All the photos presented are copyrighted by Dr. Alinsod.


The following images are medically graphic and are intended solely for use by medical professionals or patients who may be undergoing the procedure.

By continuing to view images you are confirming that you understand the medically graphic nature of these images.

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