Filler Corrections

Filler Corrections

Many patients come to Rejuvent seeking help to correct fillers injected at other offices. Making adjustments to misplaced fillers requires expertise in facial analysis, and knowledge of facial anatomy. Possible treatments include strategic injection of additional filler to balance the area, or precisely injecting the enzyme Vitrase, which is used to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers that have been placed incorrectly, unevenly or in excess.

It is important for patients to realize that correcting misplaced, or over injected filler from other offices is more complicated than performing a Liquid Face Lift. Sometimes several injections of Vitrase are required over several weeks. Vitrase works within 3 days, a second injection is administered 1 week later if necessary. Often placement of additional filler in the correct tissue plane and location is required to complete the correction and give the patient the improvement they were initially seeking.

Case Study: Correcting Too Much Filler on Lips

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This patient felt her lips were slightly too big after an injection received elsewhere. The lower lip had a slight sausage appearance from too much filler at the lateral aspects, and protruded slightly too much. The upper lip was also full laterally. Vitrase was precisely injected to dissolve the excess filler, leading to more naturally shaped, yet still full lips. The patient was very pleased with the results.