New Patient Special Offers

New Patients’ Specials

Free Consultation for Surgical and Non-Surgical Enhancements with Experienced Patient Coordinator

(Liquid Facelift, Fillers, Eye Rejuvenation, Hereditary Facial Volume Loss, Chin Sculpturing, Botox)

  • Full Skin Care consultation (optional)
  • Evaluation for photo damage to skin, volume loss, wrinkles, etc.
  • Education on ideal skin care services, products, for your particular skin condition
  • Photos taken of patient and reviewed at the time of consultation to determine current goals and educate on achievable results
  • Education regarding the history of Fillers, Liquid Face Lift, Botox & Dysport. Discussion of contraindications, effects, and results
  • Education regarding all related non-surgical enhancements and discussion of the doctors’ view on these
  • Determine areas of correction and possible options
  • View before and after collections of Dr. Bomer & Dr. Bouzoukis’ work, ie: Eye Corrections (tired look), Liquid Face Lift, Cheek Lift (enhanced cheek bone), Chin Sculpturing, Jowl and Jaw Line Corrections, Sagging Mouth, Lines Around Mouth, Lines Around Eyes, Frown Lines, Forehead Lines
  • Education regarding Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis’ unique techniques and how they obtain natural results
  • Determine whether patient is a candidate for the Liquid Face Lift.
  • Answer all questions related to non-surgical enhancements

To maximize your consultation, bring photographs of yourself with you to your consultation. They will be scanned into your medical chart for reference. Photographs should reflect times in your life that you felt you looked your best. For example, some patients bring to us photos of when they were in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on. When you have an appointment date set, pictures of yourself may also be emailed directly to your patient coordinator.

All photos will be reviewed by your doctor prior to consultation. Your doctor will advise on non-surgical enhancements and coordinator will discuss with patient during their consultation appointment.

After consultation, the doctor will review patient’s history, concerns and desired outcome. The doctor will advise and share her thoughts with your coordinator and you will be contacted and advised.

Photographs- Please try to send photographs of the full face and side profile, preferably up close with a neutral background. JPG format is preferred. Please send to

Please note: We are able to predict potential cost prior to a Liquid Face Lift, Filler or Botox appointment – patient’s budgets are important to us and we will work together to create a desired result.

Medical Grade Facial plus Full Skin Care Consultation – $50
(Regularly $125)*

If you are interested in improving the quality of your skin Rejuvent can help you. Our passion, expertise and attention to detail are unrivaled. But changing your skin also requires a commitment from you. Improving your skin is similar to improving your body at the gym. Improvement doesn’t occur overnight, and maintaining improvement requires a lifestyle choice and long term commitment. A customized program can make radical changes for the better in skin. Combinations of growth factors, antioxidants, glycolic acids and retinols for appropriate patients can improve the barrier function, increase collagen, restore hydration and increase plumpness of skin. If you are ready to commit to better skin we can help you!

Medical Grade Facial

  • A complete medical grade facial customized to your needs including cleansing, exfoliation and pore cleansing, hydration and protection
  • Facial, shoulder/upper back, hand & arm massage included
  • Medical product treatment: Facial includes the use of medical grade and technically advanced products to assure immediate improvement
  • Customized Skin Care Treatments – depending on skin concerns (glycolic, peel, enzyme)
  • Education on the various skin treatments at Rejuvent and shown before & after photos of what the treatments can accomplish
  • Minimum purchase required * see details

Full Skincare Facial Consultation

  • Review patient prior skin care history and skin concerns. Focus on patients immediate concerns
  • Professional Skin Analysis to determine skin condition and necessary treatment
  • Wood’s Lamp Skin Scope analysis to determine the source of pigmentation and treatment
  • Texture and Resurfacing Rejuvenation to determine necessary treatments and/or product for skin rejuvenation
  • We encourage you to bring your current skin care product (for review) and we will review the cause and effects of new and old products
  • Create a home care skin care program including AM and PM steps and detailed usage instruction

*$50 Facial and Skin Care Consultation for new clients: minimum purchase of $300 towards products from custom Medical Grade Skin Care Program provided at appointment required, otherwise facial will be charged at full price. Rejuvent is not responsible for informing patients of this special. Prices are good for one appointment only for new patients. Certain restrictions apply; not all patients are suitable for certain cosmetic procedures.


Rejuvent is not responsible to inform patients of this special. Prices are good for initial appointment only for new patients. Certain restrictions apply; not all patients are suitable for certain cosmetic procedures.