Patient Coordinator

Born and raised in North Dakota, Carla moved with her family to Minnesota in her mid-twenties. She worked in a variety of fields but found the healthcare field the most rewarding. She moved to Arizona in 2015 to be near family.

Carla enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has a passion for making jewelry and refinishing furniture along with many other arts and crafts.

Since joining Rejuvent, she has really learned that it is never too late to begin a great skincare routine to include medical grade products and treatments to reverse the signs of aging.

Carla’s Skin Care Tips & Observations:

“My skin has really changed since moving to Arizona’s drier climate. In addition, I have been experiencing adult breakouts. I love that we have such a variety of products and services that can effectively help all skin types.”

Favorite Products Include: ZO Skin Health Exfoliation Accelerator and SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF50.




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