Dr. Bomer’s Lip Treatment to Prevent & Reverse Lip Lines

Lip Treatment to Reverse and Prevent Lip Lines!

Dr. Bomer Introduces an Effective Lip Program to Prevent & Reverse Lip Lines


Learn with Dr. Bomer how to use her Nightly Lip Treatment


Dr. Bomer’s Lip Treatment Includes:
Jan Marini C-ESTA Lips and Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer (Clear)

Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer (Clear) & Jan Marini C-ESTA Lips

  • Apply first Clear Lip Enhancer 3-4 thick layers, to lip and vertical upper and lower lines around mouth
  • Then apply C-ESTA lip over that
  • Apply right before you go to bed: PM only
  • Be sure it doesn’t get rubbed off

Key to Success: Apply it every night for best results… Keep products on your nightstand!

Dr. Bomer’s Lip Treatment
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