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Nasal Surgery in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale and surrounding areas in Arizona

Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee), also referred to as a nose job and nasal surgery, is a surgical procedure of the nose to reshape or improve function.

Cosmetically, rhinoplasty can enhance the harmony and proportions of your facial features. Internally, rhinoplasty can improve breathing of the nose by correcting a deviated septum or reducing the size of enlarged turbinates. If a patient desires both cosmetic and functional improvements to the nose, it is best to perform it all during one surgery. Thorough pre-operative analysis of the patient’s nasal anatomy and its relationship to the face enables a precise surgical plan. When planning your surgery, Dr. Bomer and Dr. Bouzoukis will consider your features and what you desire to change. Digital imaging is performed to demonstrate visually how your face and nose will appear after rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery can:

  • Make the nose larger or smaller to fit the face
  • Straighten the profile by reducing humps or adding height to a scooped nose
  • Change the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip (rotation)
  • Alter the tip of the nose
  • Make it more narrow and refined
  • Bring the tip closer to the face (deproject)
  • Extend the tip further from the face (project)
  • Correct bulbous, drooping, upturned or hooked nasal tip
  • Change the width of the nose
  • Improve large, wide, or retracted nostrils
  • Improve nasal asymmetries

Rhinoplasty Scottsdale Digital Imaging:

Dr. Bomer uses state of the art digital imaging to demonstrate to patients what changes are possible with surgery.  It also serves as a blueprint for the actual surgery itself.  No two noses are the same, and the specific steps of the surgery are customized to each patient.  While imaging is a guideline and not a guarantee of a specific outcome, most often the imaged results are similar to the outcome.

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Rhinoplasty Details:

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure; patients go home shortly after surgery. Most rhinoplasties are performed under general anesthesia, if only minor tip work or rasping down of a small hump is required IV sedation is an option. Incisions are made inside the nostrils. Often a small incision is also made on columella (base of nose). The soft tissue (skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle) is elevated off the underlying cartilage and bone framework of the nose. Bone and cartilage is removed or reshaped. Cartilage grafts obtained from the septum are carved and placed to improve the appearance of the nose and give longevity to the result. Long lasting but absorbable sutures are placed to refine the shape of the cartilages and secure grafts. Absorbable sutures are placed inside the nostrils. Fine, non-absorbable sutures are placed on the columella incision, and are removed 7 days post-op. A cast is placed over the nose and is removed 7 days after surgery. Packing is placed in the nostrils and removed the following morning. Pain is not severe, but the packs cause pressure while in overnight, and prevent breathing through the nose, which leads to a dry mouth.

Following rhinoplasty, the nasal bones and cartilages are healing and it is important to avoid trauma to your nose for 6 weeks. Even the pressure from glasses resting on your nasal bones may cause the bones to shift if worn immediately post op. Swelling to the nose and bruising under the eyes are normal. Bruising is resolved by 2-3 weeks. 75% of the swelling is improved by 4 weeks, but it can take up to 6 months for 100% of the swelling to resolve and for the bones and cartilage to settle into their final positions. Most people resume normal social functions by 2 weeks after surgery with no obvious signs of surgery.

Do you have questions about this procedure? We have compiled a section with Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions that might help. If your question was not addressed, please contact us or call for a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery.

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