Face – Neck Lift

Face-Neck Lift performed at Rejuvent

Face-Neck Lift

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Aging of the face is inevitable, but looking old is a choice. Intrinsic factors such as genes and nutrition coupled with extrinsic factors such as sun exposure and gravity lead to loosening and sagging of the skin. Skin looses its elasticity and creases form. Tissue volume beneath the skin is also lost with age. Early aging can be delayed or reversed with skin care, Botox and Volumizing Fillers, but more advanced aging requires surgery for full rejuvenation.

A facelift and/or neck lift can dramatically reverse aging with lasting results. The goal with face lift surgery is to restore a youthful appearance – the patient looks like a younger version of themselves while still having a natural look. The wrinkles decrease, the jaw line is improved, and the face has a more oval, youthful shape on frontal view. Often a neck lift is performed as well to tighten the loose skin of the neck.

Significant neck laxity requires tightening of the thin muscle in the neck- a “corset platysmaplasty.” This is a separate procedure from the standard facelift but is required for maximal improvement of a sagging neck.

Dr. Bomer is an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon – she performs cosmetic surgery exclusively in the face and neck. Her surgical techniques combined with her aesthetic, artistic eye ensure a long lasting, natural rejuvenation.